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Whispering Pings RV Park Columbia Falls to KOA Park in Great Falls Montana – By way of Glacier National Park

It was sprinkling on and off this morning with temps in the high 50s. It looked like the rain would end by around 10:00 am so we left the RV Park about 8:00 am and headed to the West Glacier Park Entrance. I got the Car Reservation for the Going To The Sun Road 3 days ago and I wanted to see what the attraction was.
The rain actually stopped for a period when we were entering Glacier National Park. The Going To The Sun Road is the only road that actually cuts across the park. In Logans Pass, which is one of the highlights, the road reached over 6400′ above sea level and you cross the Continental Divide. The Road is about 50 Miles long and it takes about 2 hours to travel from one end to the other. That does not include the time you spend at the turnouts to take pictures.

The scenery, the mountains, the way they constructed the road, The experience is fabulous and well worth coming to Montana. Now I can better appreciate why they have so many people here every day and it is hard to get the car reservation for the Road To The Sun. I took about 90 pictures with most of them from the driver seat. Kelso and I did stop at a couple of turnouts along the way but it was not much fun for him because the space is limited so I had him on a short lease.

The road at times looks like it is not wide enough but of course that is not the case. They did have one 10 mile stretch near the west end that was gravel because they are repaving. I am glad I went on Sunday when they are not working. The first part we passed McGreagor Lake which is pretty good sized and had a Lodge on it so some people can stay there if they want. The road in the first section is also cut thru the trees where the upper portion has fewer trees. All the trees form a canopy of sort that pretty much cover the road. Most of the turnout were full with vehicles. People stop at some of the turnouts where there is a trail head and then the hike onto the mountains. They also have some tour busses that have canvas roofs, and when the weather is good, like today, they roll the canvas back so the people can stand and take pictures when they are stopped.

We stopped at the St. Marys Visitor Center at the East end of the Road. Very good picture boards explaining the main attractions along the road. It was a great experience and once out of the park we were in the rolling hills that after and hour or so turned to flat lands. Had a pretty heavy rainstorm as we were headed South into Great Falls and it was still raining lightly when we got to the campgrounds.

All the pictures are shown from the West end of the Park to the East End of the Park.

McGregor Lake to the left and the road is gravel.

A view along the road, western section.

Another view from the road.

The tree canopy over the road.

The first tunnel along the road.

They limit the size of the vehicles and I was the longest they allow, 21′.

Another interesting section of the mountain.

You can see some of the spectacular views to the right side.

Speed limit is 25 mph.

A view from one of the scenic turnouts.

Kelso enjoyed the scenic turnout.

The sign says the weeping wall but I do not know the background.

You can see the road wrapping around to the right.

Another tunnel. This one on the Eastern half.

Picture taken from the St Marys Visitor Center looking back at the park.

One of about 8 information boards.

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  1. Hello Larry and Kelso, Beautiful Country and Photos, Very Happy for Both of you on taking this trip. Quite the road winding along the mountain. Beautiful. Kelso, Great Smile. Safe travels.

    Rae and Arnie

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