Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Wagner Park Campgrounds Barnesville MN to Indian Point Campground Duluth MN

We had quite a bit of rain yesterday at Wagner Park. It started late morning and rained righ thru the evening. It was sunny and cool this morning but Kelso and I were up and getting things ready at 6:30 am. We finally got on the road about 7:30 am.

The ride was good as there are not a lot of people in this part on Minnesota and the roads we were on were really secondary roads cutting North and Easty toward Duluth. I can see why they call it the Land of 10,000 Lakes. We passed an awful lot of the lakes today and several of them were pretty large in size. The other scenery was esentially farmlan with a slight roll to the land but no real hills.

The North side of Duluth has some hills. You can see them in the pictures I took. After we checked in at the campgrounds we took a ride down to the waterfront on Lake Superior. There is a narrow spit of land that separated an inner harbor from Lake Superior. This narrow section of land probably ranges from 200′ to 300′ wide for about 6 miles before it gets to a park that I assume is a City Park. There were volley ball courts, picnic shelters and ball diamonds but I think the main attraction is the access to the beach on Lake Superior. They had it posted no swimming today because of the heavy east wind and the waves pounding the shore. It was early afternoon that Kelso and I were on the beach.

The first 6 miles is residential, with homes on both sides and they have water frontage on the bay or Lake Superior. The Superior side has a large berm that is about 25′ to 30′ high to protect everything from the stoms on the Lake. On our ride back I went North looking for a grocery and gas station. I was lucky because I found a Costco and it was not crowded. I pulled up to the gas pumps and about half were empty. Maybe they have an awful lot of electric cars.

This is looking across the beach at the park out to the East. The wind was pretty strong.

This is looking North along the beach with the hills on the North side of Duluth across the water.

This is the portion of the park away from the beach with the ineer harbor over to the left. Not a lot of people at the park but the temp was only about 71 F.

2 thoughts on “Wagner Park Campgrounds Barnesville MN to Indian Point Campground Duluth MN

  1. Larry and Kelso, in the land of 10,000 lakes, lakes and more lakes, and you two viewed and strolled along the Big Lake, Beautiful View. Agree, Waves rolling in, I am sure it would be a bit rough out on the lake.

    Costco, I would guess the gas was good pricing and food shopping.

    We always enjoy and like reading your postings.

    Safe Travels,
    Arnie and Rae

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