Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Lindenwood Campgrounds Fargo ND to Wagner Park Campgrounds Barnesville MN

Well I went into the Lendenwood Park RV office and they were full both tonight and tomorrow. She handed me a list with probably 2 dozen campgrounds on it and showed me the ones she recommended. By the 3rd call I found a site at Wagner Park, Barnesville MN for the next 2 nights. This was only 1/2 hour drive from Fargo so no big deal and right along I-94.

Kelso and I were on the road by 10:00 am and it did not take long. The traffic was light and there was no construction. I little different when I pulled in, there was no apparent office. I called the number I had before and found out I was supposed to take a registration envelope from the mailbox, fill it out and put in cash or a check for the next 2 nights. Just about that time a gentleman walked up, a park resident, who helps the city from time to time. He spends his whole summer here till mid-October when they close the park for the winter. Leroy was a big help and a wealth of information about the area. He is actually from Fargo ND but spend his summers here.

Kelso and I got settled in and he spent most of his time off leash because the only person we saw was Leroy and Leroy liked Kelso and Kelso like Leroy. So we are here till at least Sunday and then on to Duluth MN and the last few days of the adventure.

This is our campsite at Warner Park. Leroy is the other RV.

One thought on “Lindenwood Campgrounds Fargo ND to Wagner Park Campgrounds Barnesville MN

  1. Hello Larry and Kelso, Kelso, I hope your friends from Michigan and Florida DO NOT get replaced by LEROY 🙂 Our Traveler and Adventuresome Friend, we send you LOVE.

    Larry GREAT that you met someone nice, friendly and with infrormation. We hope you enjoy your time in a state that starts with a M : ) 🙂

    Your campsite looks good, and Kelso YEA NO leash.

    Cheers, Safe travels,
    Arnie and Rae

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