Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Indian Point Campground Duluth MN to Burt Lake State Park Campgrounds MI

This is being posted a day late for travels on 8/15/2023. Burt Lake Campgrounds did not have WiFi. We got an early start today because I was not sure where we were going to stay for the night. I initially checked the KOA Campgrounds at St Ignace but the fact they charge a fee for pets was a big downer for me so I figured we would not stay there. We were on the road this morning a little after 7:00 am and I was suprised how light the traffic was on the Duluth expressway and then Hwy 2 headed into Wisconsin. Here is another case where Duluth is right on the State Line and you cross the river and you are in another state. The sun was out but it was about mid 50s for temps, a good morning for driving.

Wisconsin was pretty flat but once we passed into Michigan there were some rolling hills and I think UP Mountains. There seemed to be some color change (small amount) on the trees as we went by Hiawatha State Forest. It seems a little early but we are in the 2nd half of August, and I do not know what type of summer they have had. The traffic was light and that is probably because there are not a lot of people living in the UP. I used Google Maps and they seem to try and find the shortest route and I was on about 7 or 8 different highways during the day. I came South from Munising and then followed the Lake Michigan shoreline. Michigan has Roadside Parks in the UP and not Rest Areas. Most of them have paths to the beach on Lake Michigan. We stopped at 2 different ones and Kelso liked the beach and the little boy he met. The boy went splashing into the water and Kelso tried to follow. It is a good thing I had a firm grip on the leash.

We ended up at the Big Mac Bridge a little before 4:00 pm. We lost an hour changing time zones. Duluth is in the Central Time Zone so we started actually about 8:00 EST. I decided on the Burt Lake State Park because Michigan facilities are usually a little less expensive than commercial ones. Well, I had to buy a 1 year Pask Pass for the RV because it had Michigan Plates, so much for the savings. It was a great spot that looked right out over Burt Lake. Burt Lake is on the West side of I-75 and Mullet Lake is on the East side, in the Indian River Area.

Some of the forest scenery from the West side of the Upper Peninsula.

Some of the forest scenery in the Upper Peninsula.

The view of Burt Lake from our Campsite at Burt Lake State Park.