Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Flying J Travel Center Billings MT to Flying J Travel Center Beach ND

Another nice morning with the sun out and temps in the low to mid 60s. We took our time this morning and did laundry at the Laundromat that was in the strip mall across the street from the Flying J. This could be the last load of laundry before we get home. We got on the road about 10:00 am and headed West on I-94. I-94 started 2 miles after we got on I-90 West. This is the western end of I-94, just a point of interest as I think the Eastern end is at the Blue Water Bridge in Port Huron, Michigan.

The landscape was interesting in that it was rolling hills with some rocky hills mixed in. Overall the landscape was similar to yesterday except that some of the rocky hills were quite jagged and rough looking, a lot like the mountains except the height was several hundred feet instead of several thousand feet. Lots of ranches with grazing cattle and some farms with wheat rolled in the fields waiting to be moved.

My original itinerary was to stop at Glendive Montana only because it was a reasonable size city in Eastern Montana. We are going to stop at the Teddy Roosevelt National Park and the Enchanted Highway tomorrow so I wanted to cut a little time off the drive for the time spent at the 2 stops. These 2 tourist stops were recommended by my sister Judy.

The weather held today with mostly sunny skies and temperatures in the mid to upper 80s. The gas at the Flying J is $3.79 per gallon, the least expensive I have seen since Grayling Michigan, June 11th.

Just a special thought for my brother Don, his birthday is today. He was a covid casualty just before the vaccines were available.

The typical Montana Landscape on the routes I have been taking.

A few trees. I am on I-94, that was for the whole day and until we leave Fargo North Dakota.

Some larger hills on the horizon. Note the speed limit sign and lack of traffic.

Some of the more jagged hills with some trees.

Coming down into a valley with water on the left.

I believe the water on the left is the Yellowstone River which is the longest undammed river in the United States.

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  1. Happy belated heavenly birthday to your brother…Still enjoying this adventure with you and Kelso even if it’s only thru your words and pictures!!!!!!

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