Champ III: Going Places

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Burt Lake State Park Campgrounds MI to St Clair Mi – Home

An exciting day today. I have been prepping Kelso that today was the last day on the road. I was up about 5:40 am and we went out for our walk about 6:20 am. Although the forecast was for a sunny day, it was pretty cloudy when we went for the walk. The temps were in the mid 50s and I don’t think Kelso understood my excitement about the day.

We left about 7:00 am and the skies by that time had cleared pretty well. The traffic was minimal on I-75 evne thru the construction zones. We did pass the houghton Lake exit and that brought back some good memories from when we rented a cottage on the lake with my sisters families in their own cottage. That was for about 4 years in the late 80’s, early 90’s. We stopped at West Branch for gas and all was well.

We cruised thru Bay City Area and the Saginaw area down to I-475 at Flint that we took to I-69. It was clear sailing with only slowdown being the construction zones with 60 mph limits. Kelso and I rolled into the driveway about 11:30 am. Maybe it was my wishful thinking but I thought he started to get excited about a mile from the condo as he was able to recognize the surroundings. His first few minutes out of the RV had him checking everything out and wanting to go into the neighbor’s garage.

It was a great ride to the end of a great trip. I said to a lot of people that everything about the trip exceeded my expectations and I thought all things went well. Some of the highlights are the drive into Skagway thru the narrow canyon, The drive into Stewart with the glaciers along the way. and the drive out to see the Salmon Glacier from Stewart that was a combination of the road conditions and the view of the glacier. One of the very best choices I made was the trip to Glacier National Park and being able to drive the Road To The Sun. The scenery was stunning and it was worth all the effort that went into it. Also thanks to Kim and her husband for having me stay at their place on FLathead lake. It was a welcome break from the road routine and the company was very enjoyable.

Thanks to everyone for reading the Blog and submitting their comment. They were all well received and I am glad that by some small measure you were able to enjoy the things Kelso & I were experiencing.

Kelso is ready to get back to normal after a little over 2 months on the road.

My Navigator is home from a long trip.

3 thoughts on “Burt Lake State Park Campgrounds MI to St Clair Mi – Home

  1. Welcome home, Larry and Kelso! What a wonderful adventure! We enjoyed reading your entries and look forward to hearing more of the details soon.

    J and J

  2. Welcome back from your adventure. We sure enjoyed having Kelso visit….oh, and you too. I’m sure you are happy to at homebase for awhile. Enjoy your quiet !

  3. Welcome home, Larry and Kelso!!!
    What an exciting adventure! We can’t wait to hear more about your travels. Talk to you soon…..
    Judy and Bob

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