Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Big Arm Montana to Whispering Pines RV Park Columbia Falls Montana

Had a great time at Kim & Steve’s but it is time to move on. Kelso would like to have stayed longer, but it was not to be. We ended up getting on the road a little after 7:00 am. It was a bright sunny day that was supposed to have a chance for rain, but it did not rain.

The ride was up the west side of Flathead Lake into Kalispell Montana. I had the route programmed into Google Maps and all went well until we were about 7 miles from the Big Creek Campgrounds and the road surface turned to gravel. The surface was a washboard and I did a lot of 15 mph and at one time I was down to 5 mph. When we arrived at Big Creek Campgrounds I found out that they did not have any services (water power or sanitary dump station) for RVs and I thought about the road conditions so I thanked the guy and got back into the RV. We did spend a few minutes allowing Kelso to do a walk and it was off leash as nobody was around and the guy running the place had suggested it. I would say the ride back was slightly better than the one in, but not much, and we stopped in Columbia Falls and I had seen a KOA Campgrounds not far away so I found it on Google.
When we arrived at the KOA the gentleman said they were full for the day but he mentioned Whispering Pines RV Park just West of Columbia Falls. He was able to verify they had a space for 2 nights and made the reservation for me, so that was another problem solved.

We stopped at the grocery store on the way to Whispering Pines and got a few supplies and then made it to the Whispering Pines Campgrounds. Nice place and no problem getting checked in and finding our Campsite. Everyone was nice and they had some dog toys for sale in the office. Kelso has a new rubber ball.

Here is my happy Navigator. He has done a wonderful job on the trip.

He is guarding the RV so nobody can get in.

This is the view past the front of the RV. There are RV spaces on the other side of those trees but the spaces are for the large RVs.

He is ready to go back inside where the A/C is on. It got into the 90s today.

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