Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Watson Lake Little Nugget RV Park Yukon To Waters Edge Campground Dease Lake British Columbia

We had rain overnight but it was not raining when Kelso and I went out for our walk. The temp was about 55 F and it was a good walk. We came back to the RV and took our time getting ready to leave because we only had about a 3 hour drive today. We left about 8:20 am.

It was only a mile or 2 from the RV Park when we turned South on Hwy 37. The road is paved and in good condition but the longer we drove on it I realized that this was just cutting down trees and grading the local area before paving. We were in a hilly part of the area and about 2 miles in there was a big sign that said Welcome To British Columbia. It started to rain lightly for the next 2 hours. We approached another range of mountains that had the tops shrouded by clouds, but great views none the less. A lot of winding thru the mountains and some lakes along the way. Dease Lake is the area where the Waters Edge Campgrounds is. Dease Lake is about 30 miles long and 1 to 1 ½ miles wide. Nice picturesque area. The rain had stopped by the time we arrived.

There is no cell service here at the campgrounds or along highway 37. You can make a call using WiFi. Obviously there is WiFi, not the most robust but it is working. When we arrived, the gentleman that signed us in asked about any wildfires or smoke to the North. I told him there was no evidence of any. He said last week there was a wildfire not to far from the AlCan Hwy and they were using pilot cars to take a single line of traffic thru the worst area, but they had not closed the road. Keep in mind that in the “wilderness” like this, there are few people and few alternate routes without going hundreds of miles out of you way. He also told us that as far as he knew, the road South of here is clear.

We move on to Stewart BC tomorrow. It is about 300 miles down the road. If the write-up I saw is correct we will get to see some glaciers up close on the drive into Stewart.

On Highway 37 approaching mountains. Notice the rain drops on the windshield.

Just another weather day in British Columbia. They needed the rain to help with the wildfires.

This is our campsite tonight at Waters Edge Campground.

Looking at Lake Dease from our campsite. It is about a 20′ drop so if we go down it will be another way. They do have a boat launch ramp. It is raining again.

Kelso says hi to all his friends reading these posts.

3 thoughts on “Watson Lake Little Nugget RV Park Yukon To Waters Edge Campground Dease Lake British Columbia

  1. Hi Uncle Larry. I’ve been enjoying your updates and pictures.

    I heard that there was a pretty significant earthquake off the coast of Alaska the other day. Did you happen to feel it?

    Have you seen any more bears, or maybe a moose? Or any other unique wildlife? (but hopefully not near your campsite!)

  2. Hello Larry and Kelso, Wonderful photos as normal. Kelso very happy to see your pose, doing well my friend, you and your Dad the Travelers 🙂 Your weather sounds very comfortable and nice.

    Enjoy each moment.

    O Canada, O Canada

    Arnie and Rae Luallen

  3. Kelso, The picture with you and the motorhome, “are you Dad’s navigator, or have you asked to take the motorhome for a drive”? 🙂 🙂

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