Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Valdez KOA Campgrounds Alaska to Sourdough Campgrounds Tok Alaska

It was a little warmer this morning and we got the walk going right away. We were able to leave the KOA at about 7:30 am. The skies were cloudy but no rain in the area.
We headed toward Tok and I saw a sign that the Bridal Falls, in yesterday’s post, is in Keystone Canyon. I stopped at the same scenic turnout as yesterday but it turns out I was the only one there. I got a few more good pictures of the narrow canyon. The road started to rise after I left the scenic turnout and pretty soon I was in the clouds that surround the mountain. The road continued to rise and the clouds were like fog and it was getting thicker and making it difficult to see. I was down to about 25 mph in a 65 mph area before we crested the rise and started down. The fog thinned and life was good again. Glad there is not much traffic on these roads.
We had construction work for about 20 miles and twice we were stopped and had to wait for the “pilot” vehicle to come to us and lead us thru the construction. The 2nd stop was just before 10 miles of gravel road.
Once clear of the construction the traffic was light and we moved along. We arrive at the Sourdough Campgrounds at the Tok Junction at about 12:30 pm and they were expecting rain. The woman at the counter remembered Kelso and I from about 2 weeks ago. We checked in for 1 night. We did laundry in their “laundromat”. There was a young guy there that flew into Alaska about 2 weeks ago, picked up a motorcycle in Seward and he has been touring Alaska. He is about to start south and he will follow the West Coast all the way to Mexico. From there he is headed South to South America. His trip is planned for 1 year. I thought my trip was ambitious but this guy was maybe mid 30s to 40 years old. He was doing his laundry. You cannot carry much on a motorcycle and it is not a big one like a Harley.
Tomorrow we are headed back to Whitehorse through the road construction I talked about when we came up. Oh well, at least I know all about it before hand.

This is the road leading into Keystone Canyon. Try and ignore the reflection from the dash.

This is a good look at the area of the Canyon that really impressed me. Bridal Vail falls are about 100′ to the right of the picture.

Essentially the same picture of the Canyon but the exposure is different. Maybe I should try and understand how and why that happened.