Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Tok Sourdough Campgrounds to Whitehorse Hi-Country RV Park Yukon

Another cool morning with cloud cover. We were up early and did our walk. We were on the road just before 7:30 am. We ran into construction before we got to the Canadian Border, in Alaska. Between the hour lost to construction and the hour lost to the time change from Alaska time to Mountain time standard, I was somewhat confused because I forgot about the Alaska Time zone. The RV did not and its dash clock changed when the time zone changed. It finally dawned on me about the time zone and I looked at my wrist watch and sure enough it was still on Alaska Time.

Once we were thru the construction the road were still rough for maybe another 50 miles and then the smoothed out. The scenery was great again as we approached the Canadian Mountains in the Yukon. These mountains are called the Ruby Range. There were several views of the mountains with a lake at it base. The second lake is Kluane Lake which is the largest lake in the Yukon. The Alcan Highway wraps around the Southwest edge of the lake and we stopped and got a good pictue of that.

The dash thermometer said high 50’s for most of the day with the heavy cloud cover. At Haines Junction, we turned toward Whithorse and it looked like the sun was out maybe 40 miles ahead. It was good to see the sun and the blue skies for the first time in almost a week. By the time we arrived in Whitehorse the outside temp was 73 F and it was nice to take off the sweater I had been wearing. We arrived at the Hi-County RV Park about 5:15 Yukon time (Mountain Standard Time).

The interesting thing is that tomorrow we are going to Skagway Alaska and we will revert to Alaska time again for the time we are in Skagway and then when we leave, it is only about 20 miles to the Canadian Border and we will go back to Mountain Standard Time. At least I do not think I will forget about the time zones again.

The approach to the Candian Mountains in the Yukon Territories.

First View of the mountains with a lake at the base.

This is Kluane Lake. You can’t see it but at the base of the mountain is the Alcan Highway that we just traveled on.

This is also a view of Kluane Lake just looking a little further to the left from the picture above. Kelso showed no interest in the water. He did enjoy being out of the RV.