Champ III: Going Places

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Skagway Pullen RV Park Alaska to Watson Lake Little Nugget RV Park Yukon

Pretty cloudy this morning. In fact during our walk I could feel some very light mist, like a fog. Well we got everything squared around and finally left the Campsite at about 6:30 am. I remembered that once we went over the border we would lose an hour. The thing I was not aware of was that once we passed US Customs there was a gate across the road to prevent you from leaving. It turns out this is because Canadian Customs does not open till 8:00 am their time, so we had to wait about 15 minutes for the gates to go up and we could move. The Canadian Customs Agent was very nice but he also took about 3 minutes for each vehicle and I was 5th in line.
I did stop between the US and Canadian Customs to get some pictures. As we were going up I could see the clouds/fog was hanging there waiting for us. I stopped at one of the roadside pulloffs just before I got to the fog. I did get some reasonable photos. We continued on into the fog and today’s fog was not quite as dense as the one the morning we left Valdez. I did slow a little, but not much and it really did not matter because I just sat in the line at Canadian Customs.
There was rain on and off for the whole ride until about 20 miles from Watson Lake. Right now it is sunny and high 60s so it is quite nice. I did get a few pictures along the way but essentially we are in the rolling hills of the Yukon. The forests are great, so are the lakes and the larger hills. There is not a lot of traffic and this is the AlCan Hwy we are driving on. For the most part the roads are good. There has been some construction areas and those were very few, but nobody was working today.
Other than the trip to Skagway all the roads we traveled on from Tok Alaska, we traveled the same roads when we went into Alaska. Tomorrow we start South toward Vancouver. It will take 6 days to get there, but I am not pushing it. It will be a good opportunity to see the Canadian Province British Columbia.
I am writing this in my word processor because we do not have WiFi or Cell Service at this campsite. I may walk up to the office later with the laptop or wait until tomorrow night.

The passenger train to Whitehose, approximately 110 miles to the North.

This is looking back down the valley to where Skagway is about 4 miles away.

This is looking up the valley. Notice on the road the fog bank that we are about to drive into.

Driving East on the AlCan Highway, starting to approach the mountains.

Another good shot of the approaching mountains. Notice there are no utility poles. Most of the people (the few there are) have to produce their own electricty.

2 thoughts on “Skagway Pullen RV Park Alaska to Watson Lake Little Nugget RV Park Yukon

  1. Greetings Larry and Kelso, I was over taken with “Volunteer time, social event, yard work projects “Pine Knob Park”, I do want both of you to know that daily I would check for the updates from the Alaska travelers, Larry and Kelso.
    Kelso, when you were in Skagway and touring around and receiving lots of attention, I want you to know I think the most of the most of you, I will make sure to show you Love and treats when we are together.
    Larry, we (Arnie and I) truly enjoy reading the blog and viewing the photos. We are very happy for both (you and Kelso) having this opportunity and taking it.
    For us in the lower geographical area, keeping busy with yard projects. Picked 160 lbs. of tart cherries from our tree here at “Pine Knob Park”, my sister will be putting them in wine.
    The passenger train, Whitehorse, that is what Arnie rode.
    Weather in Michigan/Clarkston very pleasant. The neighbors in Punta Gorda tell me it is HOT HOT.
    I touch base with Beth, normally every other day. Thank you for introducing us.
    You mentioned heading out 06:30, (corner of Gaspar Key Lane and Islamaroda ) 🙂

    Please keep the blog and photos going. Kelso, sending you Love.

    Rae and Arnie

  2. Dear Kelso, You are a Handsome Dude, you need not be camera shy as you were in Palmer Alaska, when your Dad was using the selfie stick and you didn’t cooperate. Tell Dad, “Dad I would like a treat”.

    Arnie and Rae

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