Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

River RV Park Smithers BC to Hartway RV Park Prince George BC

We slept good last night in spite of the rain. Skies were cloudy this morning and the temps were in the 60’s. We got under way about 8:10 am.
This morning it was immediately apparent that the smoke from the wildfires is an issue. You could see it at the campgrounds. Underway it was almost like you were driving in a fog. You could look forward about 1/4 mile and see the tree outline but you could not make out any detail. When I went to Google Maps to set todays route there was an advisory that the route might be subject to impact by several fires. It showed a map and I think there were about 6 different fires burning with one of them that appeared close to the road. Fortunately the smoke did not get any worse and did not impact the speed on the road. For the most part any sunshine was muted and the temps stayed in the mid 60’s.
I did not take any pictures because of the smoke hiding everything. The scenery was the rolling hills with the forests but half way thru the drive I started noticing move farms/ranches along the road. Saw several fields full of cows grazing.
We got into Prince George about 12:30 pm and stopped at the Costco. I needed gas and I went into the store so I could buy some dinners for tonight and the next several days.
We arrived at the Hartway RV Park about 2:00 pm and Kelso was glad to be out of the RV. I had watered him along the way so he was not beside himself.
2 Days to Vancouver and I pickup Donna at the Airport on Monday.

This is our campsite at the Hartway RV Park. Not a real large park but they have all the services I need.

Another picture of the RV Park. I just turned 180 and this is what you see.