Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Rainey Day RV Park Stewart British Columbia to River RV Park Smithers BC

We did not have far to go today so we took our time getting ready. The walk was at 6:50 am and the sun was out and I did not really need a sweater. We kept ourselves busy a little and were finally on the road about 9:10 am.
The temps stayed pretty steady in the low 60s for the first hour. After we turned South on Hwy 37 they started to climb. We stopped to water Kelso at about 11:30 and it was very comfortable without a sweater. By the time we got to Smithers it was 90 F outside.
The sun was with us all the way today. Not much traffic on the road, as usual. The major scenery I enjoyed was the mountains in the pass leading out of Stewart (40 miles length). This is the area we took pictures of Glaciers we saw yesterday on the way into Stewart. After we were on Hwy 37 The ride was good thru the rolling countryside. We could see the coastal mountains in the distance but it was still a great view. The forests are thick, lush and green and it is nice to see the forests stretching for miles and miles and miles.
We originally were going to stop in Kitwanga but we pushed on to Smithers, about 70 miles (it will make tomorrow shorter). At Kitwanga we turned back onto the Trans Canada Hwy headed East (we left the Trans Canada Hwy when we turned to go to Jasper National Park (way back). The smoke from the wildfires was much more evident in this area than had been further North. Highways are still open and have not seen any advisories come out yet. The Smithers River RV Park is right on the banks of the Bulkley River. The river is probably 200′ to 300′ wide and the flow is fast enough that the surface is rolling with the movement. Certainly faster than the St Clair River.
I sit here writing this and there are thunderstorms moving thru the area and it is really raining. They really do need Mother Natures help with the wildfires.
Just an observation, during my planning I ran across a series of articles ( I did not read all of them) of interesting things to see and do in certain areas and I am not sure why but I opened the one on Stewart and am I glad I did. Between the town, the Salmon Glacier and the ride in and out on the 40 mile hwy. I thoroughly enjoyed these last 2 days.

This is the view from the gas pumps in Stewart as I am filling up. These people have quite a view out their front window.

I just turned 90 degrees from the view above and this is the opposite side of the canyon Stewart is in. Their gas storage tanks are above ground.

One thought on “Rainey Day RV Park Stewart British Columbia to River RV Park Smithers BC

  1. Greetings Larry and Kelso, Does Kelso ride on the passenger seat and observe the view or lay on the floor and rest? Your pictures as normal for you are stunning. We/Arnie and I are very Happy for both of you on doing this venture. Larry you have a true and wonderful companion in Kelso.
    I have been meaning to note you approximately a week ago there was a large gathering of Golden’s in Scotland as that is where the breed originated. Kelso your ancestry.
    Very glad that nature is giving some rain to the area there as it sounds to be much needed for combating the fires.

    Arnie and Rae

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