Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Pilot Truck Stop Hermiston OR to North Spokane RV Campgrounds Spokane WA

This was one of our shorter rides for the trip, about 180 miles. It went right thru desert country. Not much landscape (except where there were house/farm buildings). Just a bunch of brown rolling hills, which in their own right are interesting, but I prefer the mountains and trees. Not a lot of traffic but I was surprised at the number of trucks on the road for a Sunday.
Lots of sun today and the temps are going up. I looked at the weather forecast and for the next week it will be in the 90’s but the nights do get down to the 60’s and there is no humidity.

The approach to Spokane had some evergreen trees and a little landscaping which was very nice. As you approached the city you could see the mountains in the distance. They are probably in Idaho, the State Line is not too far East of Spakane and I will be in Idaho for probably 60 or 70 miles.

I traveled from the South side of Spokane to the North side because I wanted to go to a CVS Pharmacy. In Spokane CVS Pharmacy is in the Target Store and there is no separate CVS Stores. Anyway after I came out I looked on Google for a RV Park and found one about 2 miles further North. Nice clean park that I think is realtively new. Lots and lots of rules and the trees are few and far between but it is clean and well kept up. The roads are good and each campsite is well defined and has a good portion of green grass. It also has a dog park that Kelso is not thrilled with. I took the leash off inside and I don’t think he got more than about 25′ from me in his sniffing and investigation.

It is now about 8:30 local time and it is still 78 F outside and it is supposed to go to 56 F tonight, I hope so.

The Road is straight, the land is flat, and there are no trees or bushes.

And as you can see there is no traffic. Actually there was some but not much. Notice the weather is great.

This is the approach to Spokane WA. The grass is still brown and very little scrub. Maybe the City Fathers had the trees planted years ago.

Another approach picture and I think the trees are great.

One thought on “Pilot Truck Stop Hermiston OR to North Spokane RV Campgrounds Spokane WA

  1. Good morning Larry and Kelso, So HAPPY and WONDERFUL on your trip and time spent with Donna. Donna very much enjoyed her time with the two of you and you and she visiting Donna and Jim. Her comment Larry, “You are a GEM”. The photos with the tree canopy is beautiful and the others are nice.

    Kelso, please don’t get into Pilot Truck Stops and want to be Trucker. 🙂

    We (Arnie and I) look forward to your daily blogs/posts.
    May each day be good and new scenery to see and enjoy.

    Rae and Arnie

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