Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Leavenworth WA KOA Pine Village Campgrounds to Logan Road RV Park Lincoln City OR

We were going to leave early but it was not in the cards. We, Donna & I, had decided last night to go to Salishan today to look at Lenore’s parent’s home from the 70’s & 80’s. Nothing special except to bring back some old memories. They retired to Salishan in 1969 and Lenore’s dad lived there for 20 years before he went to assisted living. Her mother stayed in the house for a couple of more years and then she went to assisted living. Lenore, I and Donna had visited them in Oregon probably 4 times and Donna’s memories started to come back as we talked about it. Anyway, the Salishan Community is just South of Lincoln City Oregon. We are trying to figure out a way to get into the gated community to look at the house and that is about all. We have until Saturday before we meet with Lenore’s sister just outside Portland and then Donna flies home to Pittsburgh.

Anyway the roads today were good and we wound through part of the Cascades and for a while we were on the eastern side of the Cascades with interesting views of the mountains/hills covered with a short brown grass and no trees or bushes. The hills almost looked like sand dunes. The trip down that we followed from Google maps kept us out of Seattle and we entered Portland from the east side. Lots of traffic in Portland. The trip into Portland was thru the Columbia River Gorge. I-84 follows the south shore and I think the Oregon/Washington State line is in the river. Lots of traffic on I-84 but no slowdowns. The river was quite choppy and I think the wind was blowing at about 25 mph out of the west. We did see a few tugs pushing some barges but not much else.

The trip from Portland to Salishan is about 90 Miles and goes thru the coastal range of mountains. A very nice drive with about 30 miles in the mountain passes. A lot of the areas where there are just 2 lanes some of the tree branches hang over the road to provide a canopy. The scenery going thru the coastal range is fabulous and both Donna and I enjoyed it.

After leaving Leavenworth this is entering the Cascade Mountains.

A little further along the road in the Cascade Mountains.

We moved around in the mountain passes and came out on the east side and this is what the landscape looks like. It is almost like sand dunes.

This is Mt Hood. A semi active volcano.

This is an unusual looking rock formation. That is the Columbia River on the right and the setting is the Columbia River Gorge.

Another look at the unusual rock formation.

The Columbia River Gorge and we are westbound on I-85 headed to Portland.

One thought on “Leavenworth WA KOA Pine Village Campgrounds to Logan Road RV Park Lincoln City OR

  1. Hello Larry, Kelso and Donna, We Michiganders are so Happy to see a Post in the Blog on the road. Viewing the country USA and Canada from a far is nice and inviting. Wonderful that the three of you are experiencing Wonderful/Precious Memories.
    I happy to see Kelso riding up front and taking in the views and being a good navigator. 🙂
    I earlier commented about missing the posts on the blog, understanding that this time is precious for the three of you.

    Weather in Michigan quite warm and humid.
    To all, Enjoy each Precious Moment and Memory.

    Arnie and Rae

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