Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Homer Alaska to Palmer Alaska

OK, OK, do not pull out your maps, Palmer Alaska is about 40 miles north of Anchorage. The Mountain View website looked interesting and the reviews were good. Beside, the had room when I called.
We were up early this morning and the rain cooperated to some extent, we got the walk started before the rain moved in (again). It had rained most of the night. We were able to get on the road about 7:30 am for the drive to Mountain View RV Park. It is tucked back away from the main highways about 15 miles but there are quite a few campers here. The place has a lot of room. You park on the grass and that is better than the last several campgrounds. The feet are cleaner when you enter the RV. The view of the mountain, right next door is spectacular. I wasn’t able to get any pictures of it yesterday because the top ½ was shrouded in clouds. Today the clouds seemed to have moved on even though the rain is not totally gone
The drive was in the rain for about the first 100 miles. We then entered the coastal mountains and the rain stopped and the roads were basically dry. It stayed that way for about the next 70 miles. As we got closer to Anchorage the mountains went away and the rain returned.
The scenery in the mountains was, again, fabulous. I think I am going to miss this when I get back to the mid-west and Florida. I did not get the photos the first time when I was headed to Seward but I was able to get a few this time.
Just before we exited the Kenia Peninsula I witnessed something you do not see very often. A guy stopped in the road with his boat on the road behind the trailer. There were about 3 guys runnung around like chickens with their head cut off but it must have just happened because the effectively had their half of the raod blocked but there were only 4 vehicles behind them. We were able to get thru with no problem and the speed limit in the area was 35 mph. We had seen all morning trailer boats going toward Homer, probably 30% to 40% of the vehicles were towing a boat. It was about a 20′ aluminum and if all the people in the stopped cars got out they all could probably lift it back on the trailer.
The main highway, Alaska 1, was busy and as we approached Anchorage the traffic really increased and slowed some, but no problems.
Interesting when someone asked about the RVs up here I had notice quite a few different States and Canadian Provinces. So, I started to keep a list of those I have seen. So far it is 31
different States and 6 Canadian Provinces.
The internet connection here is dicey. I was on a little while ago but I cannot get on now. I had trouble last night also and that is probably the main reason I did not post yesterday. I am going to check at the office when they open and find out if I am closer to the office, will that make a difference.
We are here for today and then off the Valdez tomorrow.

Just starting into the coastal mountains, going toward Anchorage.

The coastal mountains with lots of snow.

The coastal mountains probably 60 miles outside Anchorage, headed West. I think that is the rain on the other side of the mountains.

Hughway Alaska 1, you had better pay attention.

Highway Alaska 1 as we are approaching Anchorage. The water leads out to the North Pacific.

This is the view from the RV Park.