Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Hartway RV Park Prince George BC to Clinton Pines RV Park Clinton BC

We slept good last night and got out for our walk about 7:00 am. It was cool and I cou;d not tell if it was fog or smoke in the air. I did not smell any burnt wood so maybe it was fog.

I got things arranged a little better and we did not get started until 8:00 am. The fog was getting thicker at highway level as we went up some hills and after about 20 miles we turned around this large hill and all of a sudden all the fog was gone and the sun was out. Even looking at the hills and forest in the distance it was much clearer than yesterday. The smoke was not gone but is was a haze in the distance and that distance was several miles. We did have some thunderstorms last night and early evening had one of them dropping some small hail pellets on us but nothing severe.

The sceneray was still great but the rolling hills did not have any bigger hills/mountains around until we were about 20 miles from our destination and then all of a sudden there are some very large hills on the horizon. This area of British Columbia in a lot more populated than the areas north of Prince George. Traffic is about twice what it was further north but still not a problem. The roads are better condition and more passing lanes.

We changed our planned stop to the Clinton Pines RV Park to help even out the 2 day mileage between Prince George and Vancouver. Turns out this is a nice “mountain side” RV Park. The sites are tiered based on the mountain slope and you circle around. The actual campsites are a variety of types and well spaced betwen neighbors. Kelso also got treats from the lady that checked us in.

Right now the sun is out and the temp is about 75. The sky is pretty clear and Kelso has had his first walk at the new campgrounds.

I almost forgot, as we pulled out on the highway this morning, I had gone a mile or so when all of a sudden this black bear climbs over the medium barrier and scoots across the 2 lane on the road. I missed him by about 100′, He was maybe 3′ or so tall and probably weighed in at 150 lbs. If he had been any taller I think I would have seen him on the other side of the barrier.. Glad I missed him.

This is the start of the mountains appearing in the distance.

Another view of the mountains.

The mountains and the forest.

This is the view we have from our campsite at Clinton Pines.

This is our Campsite with the drop off about 30′ to 40′.

2 thoughts on “Hartway RV Park Prince George BC to Clinton Pines RV Park Clinton BC

  1. Good Evening Larry and Kelso, Beautiful pictures and Very nice looking campsite. Kelso, Happy for you that got some “extra” treats. I truly enjoy giving you treats.

    Larry, when you and Kelso are together with Donna, please take extra pictures with the three of you and also, You and Donna.

    A full day of trimming our Spruce trees for Arnie and I. Many loads and “all” chipped.

    Arnie and Rae

  2. Glad your trip is going so well! What an adventure you’re having. Montana is still getting some smoke from the Canadian fires but not too bad here in the Northwest corner.

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