Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Fairbanks Alaska to Denali Park to Cantwell Alaska

Nice morning and Kelso and I walked into the Tanana Valley Fair Grounds. The Dog Event they are having this weekend is an Agility Competition. We never got close to the field where the event was being held but Kelso was not impressed.
We left Tanana Valley Campgrounds at a little after 8:00. The sun was out and the temps were about 60 F. This is not a long ride today. I had nothing special in mind for Denali Park other than it is a major attraction.
We entered the Park and went to the Visitor Center. The place was pretty busy but there is also a store selling souvenir items and a small restuarant. After looking at the maps of the park I decided I would take the park road to a spot designated at “Mountain Views”. It was about 15 miles from the Visitor Center and as far as you can go in a private vehicle. They have buses that you can take further into the park. I think the road extends in about 50 miles.
The scenery is really something to behold. There are mountains all around you as you wind thru the valley well below the peaks. I think we were between 2000 and 3000 feet of elevation. When we arrived at the farthest point I could go, they had a checkpoint. There were 2 parking areas, one on either side of the river. I was fortunate to get the last parking space in the 2nd area. They would have let us stop in the aisle for a minute or so to take some photos but this gave Kelso a chance to stretch his legs. A lot of the people who had stopped were going hiking on the trails along the Savage River. The rangers even had a fixed telescope that they were using to track some sheep on the mountain on the other side of the river. Without the telescope you could not see the sheep.

On our way back out there were several “scenic lookouts” that you could stop at. We stopped at one and it had an information board that showed you what mountains you were looking at. Denali South is the tallest and on the left and Denali North is on the right.

We spent several hour at Denali Park, and it was well worth it. The drive to Cantwell was short. I stopped for fuel and to clean the windshield. It was so dirty I did not want to take photos thru it. The price of gas was $5.40 per gallon. I did not buy any. Fuel in Anchorage is just under $4.00 per gallon. The RV park is certainly different that all the others we have stayed at, minimum grass and all the RV’s are lined up like maybe they are for sale. Only a 2 night stay.

The Savage River looking East

Looking away from the Savage River across the parking area.

Looking across at Mount Denali (see photo below).

The information placard at one of the scenic turnout.

Another scenic turnout with the view across the road.

Same scenic turnout as the one above, but looking down the road toward the park entrance.

4 thoughts on “Fairbanks Alaska to Denali Park to Cantwell Alaska

  1. Larry and Kelso, Wonderful that you are experiencing such Wonder. No agility course for Kelso, Kelso you have the agility course down well, you are agile.

    Where is tonight? You (Larry) are on your next trip around the sun.
    Gas, Costco.

    Keep the Beautiful photos and Blog going, we love reading and viewing.

    Kelso, sending you Love.
    Rae and Arnie

  2. Hi Uncle Larry and Kelso!
    I just got caught up on your adventure and excited to read about it for the rest of the trip. Thank you for giving me the web address to check out what you are doing. How fun. Alaska is somewhere that I would like to go and visit one day. I’m sure Lucy would love to travel in style like Kelso!
    Love and Hugs to you both!

  3. Happy 4th of July, Larry!!!
    Jim had a good point; you need to start taking selfies. I did that on my cruise mostly to place myself there when I would look at my pictures later. You won’t break your camera.

    The scenery in your pictures is beautiful. Mountains are like sunsets breathtaking. Mountains make me feel small making my worries smaller. The sky seems to come alive with the mountains. The landscaping has changed on your travels too. I have very much enjoyed your pictures and daily thoughts. Makes me want to get out in nature more often but the hours on the road sounds like a lot. I am glad Kelso is along for the trip because you have not mentioned talking to many people. When do you meet up with Donna?

    Summer is at the midpoint with the 4th. The weather has been cooler, overcast and there has been a fair amount of rain. My lawn is green and lush looking. Today my walk at 7:30 am was hot and humid. I have been busy, some days too busy with the usual house and yard work, planning my reunion on August 5th and orchestrating my mom’s move to a one bedroom assisted living unit. I have 6 weeks to move her in, set her new place up and close out her independent unit. Zach and his family left 2 weeks after our cruise and are in Colorado with Linsey’s family for 2 weeks. They have one more trip after they get back, then they report back to school on August 14th. I have missed spending time with Theo.

    I talked to Judy last Saturday and she sounded good. The tumor has gotten smaller. Dan goes with her to every appointment and treatment. Every other week she has a treatment which takes many hours. She does not feel good that week, but each time is not as bad. Then she has a good week. Judy has been enjoying the summer with Mallory and her grandchildren. When you return, I will set up a zoom. I have stayed in touch with Rae and heard about Peter and his dogs from Rae when Arnie when fishing with Peter but have not heard from the Buckleys.

    Keep us on your trip with your blogs and pictures. Continue to be safe. Give Kelso some treats for me. Have fun! Beth

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