Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Dease Lake Waters Edge Campgrounds to Rainey Day Campgrounds Stewart BC

We got an early start today. We were out for our walk about 6:15 am and left the campgrounds a little after 7:00 am. We walked to the boat launch ramp to get some clear, sunny photos of Dease Lake but the convection fog was not going to allow that so I included a couple photos we took last night about 10:00 pm at the launch ramp.

We started the drive in the rolling hills of British Columbia. You could see the coastal mountains getting bigger as we approached but we pretty much stayed out of them until we took the highway to Stewart. From there we were pretty much in a valley with mountqains on both sides. One of the reasons Stewart made the short list was views of glaciers on th e 40 mile ride into Stewart. The scenery was great and I was able to get photos, I think we stopped at 3 different scenic lookouts.

When we arrived at the campgrounds the owner was a font of information about the whole area and I think he knows everybody. He would be good in promoting the town. Anyway he mention the largest glacier in the area was the Salmon Glacier. It is about 25 miles outside Hyder, which is the sister city to Stewart. The reason it is the sister City is that Hyder is in Alaska and Stewart is in British Columbia although they are only about 2 miles apart. Anyway he said the road to the Salmon Glacier was gravel after 5 miles and not in good shape. Well being up to the challenge, Kelso and I set out. The first 5 miles of the gravel was very good then things started to go downhill andTHe road for the last 6 miles or so was essentially 1 lane with plenty of passing spaces but also the road roa rose at a good grade. THe final stopping point was over 4500 feet above sea level. The road edge was unprotected in anyway from someone going off and ending up at least 1000 feet below. Anyway we followed a bus in the last 4 or 5 miles and finally stopped at a huge scenic turnout to view the Salmon Glacier. The guy driving the bus was a local tour guide so I was able to get a lot of information from him. The top of the glaceir you see in the photos is at least 100′ below were it was when they cored the glacier and found out it was 800′ thick. Needless to say, the afternoon was spectacular. With all the pictures I took, I am going to have a hard time selecting the ones for the post.

I did have to go thru customs going back into British Columbia but the US does not have a border station for those coming into Hyder. I do not think there is anyway to get out, ship or car, from Hyder or the road west.

Tomorrow we are headed to a campgrounds at Kitwanga BC. It is not a long drive and I will appreciated that. We have passed 7,200 miles on the trip so far. Kelso has been a big help.

This is Dease Lake looking South.

This is Dease Lake looking North.

Good picture as we approach the mountains. Notice what British Columbia uses instead of Guard Rail!

The mountains at the 1st scenic turnout between Hwy 37 and Stewart.

This was the view from the 2nd scenic turnout between Hwy 37 and Stewart. A glacier in the mountain valley.

This is Salmon Glacier headed South, up the valley between the 2 mountains.

This is looking left a little from the picture above at the Glacier, in the East valley.

This is the Glacier headed into the valley to the West.