Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Clinton Pines RV Park Clinton BC to Burnaby Cariboo RV Park Vancouver BC

We got out for our walk this morning and met the man in the RV behind us. We had a great discussion for probably 45 minutes. He was headed North to some lake and planned on getting there today. He was going fishing with his son who is 23. He lives on Vancouver Island and did not have a lot of good things to say about Vancouver and most of it revolved around there are too many people in Vancouver. This guy was born and bred there and he is in his early 60’s

Anyway we finally got started about 8:20 am. Traffic was light for the first hour and after that it picked up quite a bit. There was several construction zones but all in all it was a good day.

Fraser Canyon is the canyon that the Trans Canada Hwy follows. We turned onto the highway probably 40 miles or so into the drive. The scenery in the canyon is outstanding with 7 tunnels along the way that go thru a part of a mountain. The longest tunnel is about 2000 feet and signs ask you to remove your sunglasses. The variety of surfaces from the brown, dries vegetation, to the forest, to the exposed rocks with their jagged surfaces. The canyon is about 170 miles long and just winds between the mountains. The picture below was on the internet and depicts what the canyon looked like before man put in any buildings or roads. This canyon and the scenery makes the top 3 of my favorite places on the trip. Skagway with its own entrance canyon but not near as long, Stewart with it 40 miles in and out with many glaciers and now the Fraser Canyon. None of my pictures are this comprehensive.

Once out of the canyon we went to 2 lane expressway in each direction the rest of the way into Vancouver. Some areas they added some lanes but then they exit and there are only 2 thru lanes. We probably took an extra 30 to 45 minutes because of all the traffic slowdowns.

I saw a sign (several actually) along the that said “Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail”. I was amazed because I did not think they had snowmobiles way back then. Maybe it is a Canadian way to get you to think.

The approach to Fraser Canyon.

Another great view of the scenery typical for the area.

Just about ready to enter Fraser Canyon,

The colors have gone green for all the vegetation and trees.

The vertical wall but no “Falling Rocks” signs.

Now the trees are the vertical face. This never gets old. Notice the smoke haze on the mountain ahead.

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  1. Larry and Kelso, We are very happy to hear that you are connected with Donna. Glad for Donna that her travels have gone well. Wonderful that the three of you will have some time to spend together creating memories. Beautiful scenery pictures. We look forward to seeing pictures of all three of you.
    Enjoy each moment, safe journey and travel.
    Arnie and Rae

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