Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Cantwell Alaska (Denali Park) to Anchorage Alaska

It was cold this morning, 45 F, and the sky had a lot of low hanging grey clouds around the mountains. We got started about 8:00 and decided to stop for gas at the station that was $5.30 a gallon. We only bought $45 worth to get us to Anchorage. As it ended up, I really could have waited on the gas because there were plenty of stations along the way. The first one I saw was $4.10 per gallon. Oh well.
The Denali range mountains extended for part of the drive and that is the mountain picture. Then we had pretty flat land until we got to the coastal mountains that are very dramatic and have a good amount of snow on the peaks. It was an easy drive for the 211 miles to the Mid-Town RV Park. When I pulled in it looked like a junk yard with trash scattered all over and upholstered furniture sitting outside a few of the beatup RVs. I kept on moving and stopped at a mall about 2 blocks away. I set map route for another close by RV Park. The 2nd RV Park looked a lot like the first one, so I set the map route for Costco to get gas. The stations in Anchorage were at about $4.40 a gallon. and Costco was $4.10.

I set the map route for Black Spruce Campgrounds and it turns out it was located in the Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson (JBER) Air Force Base. I went to the gate and gave her my Florida License and explaind I am retired, ex-military and wanted to stay a day or two at the campgrounds. She said I would have to go to the gate office and have them get me a pass to get to the proper building to get a military ID and then I could stay the length I wanted. Sounded complicated to me but I went to the office and it was packed with people waiting for service.

I set the map route for Ship Creek RV Park, a privately owned facility. They had room and that is where I am tonight. It is located just outside the business district, but within walking distance. Right now my plans are a little in the air. I did a check of the weather and we are supposed to have rain tomorrow and the next day. Seward is only 100 mile and their weather is predictied to be similar. I will check the weather forecast in the morning, but if it is raining, I may stay here until we get some clearing. I can always rearrange the “Lay-Over Days” to accomodate this.

I noticed today that the time difference between here and Michigan is 4 hours. I had turned on my Consumer Cellular phone to locate the picture of my Air Force Discharge from 1982 and left it on. When I picked it up later, the screen showed Local Time and Michigan Time.

Mountains on our left as we are leaving the Denali area.

Ship Creek RV Park looking East toward Anchorage business district.

Here you go, Kelso was a little shy.

2 thoughts on “Cantwell Alaska (Denali Park) to Anchorage Alaska

  1. Good morning Larry and Kelso, What a nice update and a “MAJOR SURPRISE ON THE SELFIE”, “THANK YOU”. Kelso, Kelso do you want a treat, I will make sure to have a treat to reintroduce myself. You both look Great and are enjoying your adventure.
    About the RV Park, “it is not St. Clair”, just kidding. Glad you kept on looking and found a good place to stay.
    With the good planning work you did for trip, it puts you as you are saying that you can adjust the schedule of days.
    Each morning, a check in for updates from you and Kelso. Enjoy following along and the photos. Great logging and photos.

    Rae and Arnie

  2. Sounds like things are going well with the RV and the weather. Have you had any problems finding propane?

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