Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Anchorage Alaska to Seward Alaska to Homer Alaska

Great day. Started with sunshine and about 52 F. We got underway about 8:00 am and traffic was good all the way.
Some of the coastal mountains near Anchorage had lots of snow on the tops, probably 50% of the top was covered. The views were fantastic. I really thought I had a couple of nice pics with the road running alongside the water on the right and the carved out rock of the mountain on the left, but they were not there when I checked later. I guess I need to start checking right after I take the pics. I have been somewhat hesitant to do this because of the time and distraction while I am driving. A lot busier on the Alaskan Highways East of Anchorage. Maybe busy is not the right word. it is Alaskan busy and not Michigan busy.
The drive to Seward was a little over 2 hours and pretty easy. Seward sits on the West side Resurection Bay off the Bay of Alaska, just off the North Pacific Ocean. It has a population of about 2,700 in 2020. The landscape is stunning and the pictures show that. I passed several campgrounds and they all had full signs on the barricades. Kelso and I parked in a lot south of the last campground and took some nice photos. Kelso also had a chance to meet an older sled dog that was there with his family. I spent some time talking to the guy, maybe late 30s early 40s. I asked if he was native Alaska. He said his paents relocated to Alaska when he was 2 years old. Anyway he mentioned a campground just the other side of the bay that was privately owned that he has stayed at before. Well I went there and it was a very large lot that was all gravel surface. You essentially got to park your RV for the night, there were absolutely no services. No lines or anything to tell people where to park and they were parked all over. There was probably 20 RVs there and the lot would probably hold a couple of hundred it was so big. I never stopped until I got to a scenic lookout about 2 miles down the road and checked out Homer on Google Maps. I called an RV Park and got a space for 2 nights at an RV Park that has Direct TV to each space.

Anyway Leaving Seward you go back the same highway you came in almost 40 miles before you take the turn-off for Homer and then it was another 3 hours to Homer from the turn-off. Traffic was Alaksa good but we lost the sun about an hour from Homer. I had a Homer FM station on and they are calling for rain tomorrow.

Homer sits on Kachemak Bay just off Cook Inlet. It is on the  Kenai Peninsula. It population is about 5,500 in 2020. Again there are not enough adjectives to describe the landscape, but it is unbelievable. I can just about look out the windows of the RV and see the coastal mountains on the other side of the bay. I have the pictures this time, I made sure. I got here late enough that I did not go into town, but I will do that tomorrow. Kelso and I took a walk on the beach. Not quite the pristine beaches you think about in Florida but great in its own right.

The coastal mountains, probably 20 miles outside Anchorage.

This is looking west from where we parked and you can just see the last few buildings in Seward.

Looking out over the water with some mist/fog still present.

This is looking at the mountains from to the Southeast of Seward. The town is right behind me about 1 block away.

Looking across the parking lot toward Seward. Some of the residences, not sure if they are condos or apartments.

Some town people can look out their windows from home and take in the views. I wonder if they appreciate it or take it for granted.

This is from the scenic view on the other side of the bay from Seward. A little hard to make out Seward directly across, but it is a small town.

This is from the RV Park where we are staying looking at the coastal mountains on the other side of the bay.

This is looking Southwest from the RV Park.

This is looking East Southeast up the bay from the RV Park.

Obviously we are standing on the beach, We found a path (of sorts) that leads you down probably 30′ to beach level. Kind of looks like the tide is out.

3 thoughts on “Anchorage Alaska to Seward Alaska to Homer Alaska

  1. Good morning Larry and Kelso, We send you Greetings from Michigan, We can see by your photos that the two of you are enjoying your journey/adventure, that is the important part. Great memories for you both are being made. The Blog tells us some and we are sure when we see you both in person there will be more to tell us. Stay safe, and enjoy each moment of each day.

    Enjoy seeing the photos, more pictures please of Kelso and photos of the two of you.

    Arnie and Rae

  2. Hi Larry and Kelso
    Congratulations on another week of your trip. I hope you both are enjoying the scenery. The pictures are coming through. Thank you for keeping us posted. All is ok here. Keep enjoying the trip. Stay safe.
    H/k Xoxoxo. Joyce

  3. Fantastic photos, Larry! Those lakes, mountains, and blue skies make for some awesome shots. Sounds like you guys are having a terrific time! Thanks for sharing. Take care.
    J and J

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