Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Winnipeg Manitoba to Regina Saskatchewan

Lots of smoke in the sky this morning but the sun was out and life is good. We left Winnipeg and followed the TransCanada Hwy 1. The further west we went the smoke seemed to be getting worse and although it was reasonably light outside there were no shadows from the sun. About 4 hours into the drive we ran into some light showers that hung around for maybe 45 minutes to an hour. About an hour later we were in the sun and it stayed that way right into Regina. The smoke seemed to be gone. Regina is about 65 degrees and the wind is blowing about 15 mps with gust to about 25 mph. Hang onto your hat.
The drive was thru pure farm country with most of the farms being very large facilities. The land is basically flat with very few rises and dips in the hwy. For the most part I don’t think there was more than 3 or 4 vehicles per mile headed west. Comfotable drive with most people respecting the 110 kph speed limit. I did see a cargo train headed east that every car was carrying transpor containers. The train was about a mile long with a diesel engine at the rear instead of a caboose.
Had trouble finding the Campgrounds I made a reservation at. When I finally got there the lady that checked me in admitted they do not have a street address. They are right across the hwy from a Costco for all you Costco lovers. The Costco gas was about $0.07 per liter less that the Flying J’s I have been stopping at and that is about $0.25 per gallan less.
Costco was on my list because I needed wine and did not get motivasted yesterday to go get some in Winnipeg.
Spent an hour on the phone before I found a campground for tomorrow night, near Medicine Hat Alberta. A Kampgrounds of America for tomorrow. I want to delay getting to Banff/Lake Louise untill Sunday so the “weekenders” can go home and there is room for me. Most of the campgrounds are first come first serve.
Interesting that Saskatchewan is an hour different than Winnepeg and they are both in the Central Time Zone. About 20 years ago the Saskatchewan Government had a rousing argument about this but passed the law that Saskatchewan would be on Central Standard Time year round and no Day Light Savings. Makes sense to me!!
Another day without pictures but I have gotten some guidance from my IT Dept. on how to reduce the pictures. Now it is find the motivation and time to try it. Maybe tomorrow.
Thanks for the comments! It is good to see that the posts are being read.

Some of us are pretty tired.

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  1. Hello Larry and Kelso, Arnie and I are reporting in from Michigan. On your Tech Support, did you consider contacting “CAD Serv” :), hopefully that gave you a chuckle 🙂 and good memories.

    YEA for shopping Costco. Kelso, did you get some good treats from Costco?

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