Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Whitehorse Yukon to Tok Alaska

Well we made it to Alaska. Good weather all day. Kelso and I got our morning walk in and straightened the inside of the RV a little. We got on the road about 7:15 with the intention of going to Beaver Creak Yukon. Beaver Creek Yukon is the most westerly town in all of Canada. The Campgrounds on Google did not have a website active and the phone number has been disconnected.
The sun was out and it was in the mid 50 F so the road crews were out working. I expected construction and rough roads from what some of the people I talked to who had come out of Alaska said. One gentleman said it was bad but he was in a bigger rig towing a car and he saw what I was in and said it would be OK. He was right. There was several stretches where the old asphalt is gone and they have a gravel surface down. Probably about 1/2 dozen times we were stopped and had to wait for a lead vehicle to follow thru the work zone. One time it was over 20 minutes and that was because the gravel stretch was 5 miles long and the lead vehicle goes about 15 to 20 mph.
The scenery is fabulous. For the most part we were in the rolling foothills with good views of the mountains. The temp stayed steady at high 50 F to low 60 F so the mountains do not have the kind of snow we saw about 10 days ago. I looked on Google but they do not give the name of the mountain range but it is the mountains along the coast line of Alaska and they stretch into the Yukon and British Columbia. A Paper map I has called them the St. Elias Mountains.

We arrived in Beaver Creek and it is a small town with no visible center. The buildings there are are spread out over maybe 1/2 mile with large spaces between the buildings. The businesses were not the tidest ones around as there was “stuff” all over the place. Wikipedia indicated that the population iin 2016 was 93. When I stopped for fuel the pump was the old fashion kind with no electronics and after pumping I had to go in the restaurant to pay. The proprieter was the only person in there and he did not seem paticularily freindly. It was’t hard to make up my mind to move on. The Canadian Custom are about 10 miles from Beaver Creek and you slow down to go around the building but do not stop because the US Border is another 20 miles up the road.

Once I arrived as the US Border, Customs took my Passport and after about 60 seconds handed it back and said I was good to go. Not a single question was I asked. I just thought that was strange.

After we left Customs we were back in the road construction for about 30 miles. After that it was clear traffic moving along. Not really much traffic. Tok Alaska is a lot like Beaver Creak in that the highway run thru it and there is 1 highway that branches of and heads south to Anchorage.

It was a long day and both Kelso and I were glad we were finished with the drive. We are staying at the Sourdough Campgrounds which is about a mile from the road intersection. Nice campground and was recommended by the guy I met from Michigan that drove to Alaska in 2018.

Leaving Whitehorse in the Yukon.

Some of the Canadian Mountains in the distance.

These mountains are a little more what I would call traditional looking mountains with ridges and valleys all the way up the sides.

2 thoughts on “Whitehorse Yukon to Tok Alaska

  1. Hello to the famous Alaskan dog, named Kelso and his sidekick Larry.
    Kelso, you are very photogenic. The landscape pictures are beautiful. Kelso I hope you’re keeping the rig under the speed limit when you’re driving. I’m surprised that the roads are as good as they are. How is your friend Larry doing? Are you feeding him three square meals a day? Are you taking Larry out for a walk when he needs to go? With all the campgrounds full I think you’re making many friends.
    I’m looking forward this winter of hearing about your adventures with your friend Larry.
    Ps. Kelso : take some pictures of Larry .

    1. The IT Department concurs – more pictures of both of you!😊 Use that selfie stick!

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