Champ III: Going Places

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Tok Alaska to Fairbanks Alaska

Good day for driving and only a little over 200 miles so we spent some time at the Tok Sourdough Camp Grounds. Lot of campers came in late last night because there were about 8 large tents set up not too far from our campsite. They were very respectful and Kelso and I did not even know they were there until our walk at 10:00 pm last night. Still hard to get used to the sun setting sometime after 11:00 pm at night. My body is not programmed for that.
The ride today was pretty good. We did have some construction, but not much. Alaska highways are unusual, it appears they are dead straight for maybe 10 miles at a time and then thru the foot hills the curves are tight and you need to slow about 10 mph to feel comfortable in the curve. A lot different than the Canadian highways that have large curves and reasonable shoulders so the road appears wide.
The scenery were the mountains again early in the drive. As we move west-northwest the foothills were more prevelant. Scenery was still great but different than the previous several days. We crossed several rivers with old style bridges and these rivers appeared to be mud flats. I am sure during the spring the snow melt fills the river to near the top of the banks. One was about 300′ to 400′ wide.
We got into one of the largest cities in Alaska, Fairbanks and it was like all of a sudden we were in the City. No gradual buildup or suburbs like in the Midwest.
We made a stop at the local Costco for fuel and some provisions. The gas was $4.20 a gallon, the cheapest we have seen since Michigan. The Costco here is laid out similar to the Michigan stores except when you buy wine you have to pay for it before leaving the wine/alcohol department. The famously cheap Costco Chicken was there and I also got a package of the cooked shrimp with cocktail sause to eat. That should be 4 meals with no fuss, no muss, in the RV. We also stopped at a local laundramat that will do the laundry for you including the folding. We pick up the clean laundry tomorrow afternoon.
The campsite is the Tanana Valley Campgrounds. The campsite is heavly wooded and the misquitoes are very plentiful. I must have killed a dozen just while I was hooking up the power cord to the RV. The campsite is adjacent to the Tanana Valley Fair Ground and Kelso and I walked into the Fair Grounds later and the misquitoes were ok once away from the woods. They were setting up for some sort of a dog show for the weekend. We walked the the roads but not onto the exhibit area/field because some of the dogs were out there with their owners.

We are here for 2 nights and then we go to Denali Park for 2 nights. I have reservations at a campground south of Denali so no problem. I tried to set up a reservation for Anchorage but none of the parks close to downtown take reservation, it is first come, first served, so we will be winging it for the 4th of July night and the night of the 5th.

I thought I got 2 pictures this morning while the driving was on straight roads but once again they are not on the phone in photos. Sorry I do not have any pictures tonight. The pics were of the mountains with the rough edges and snow caps and extended just about all the way from right to left. I am sure they would have filled the photo width. Oh well, tomorrow is another day and Denali on Sunday. I wonder if GM is paying to use the Denali name on the large SUV model???

7 thoughts on “Tok Alaska to Fairbanks Alaska

  1. Good evening Larry and Kelso, The night before your “Birthday, You and Meghan share the date July 1st.”, Wonderful for us to always login and check, is there an update from Larry and Kelso…………….YES this is there location and update/post.
    Happy for you on the Costco visit, wine and shrimp, is that going to be your Birthday Dinner? When you return to Michigan, we will have to do a Welcome Back to Michigan Dinner for you and Kelso. Kelso, I have special treats my friend.
    Here in Michigan, still battling the smoke from O’Canada, we are hoping for some rain tonight, that seems to help take the smoke down.
    Larry, I (Rae) suggest treating yourself to a new hat from Alaska. I am sure Kelso has the funds for Dad a nice Birthday gift.
    Enjoy the area with your clean laundry. 🙂
    Rae and Arnie

  2. When I was in Fairbanks the streets were not paved. Sidewalks and curb & gutter was it. The furthest north we could drive was Circle, AK but with the north slope oil the roads go much farther. Sounds like you and Kelso have a feast in the fridge for your birthday and clean laundry to boot.

  3. Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday dear Larry
    Happy birthday to you
    I wanted to be the first to sing you happy birthday! I hope to write more tomorrow. Not been on my laptop much but when I am I have always checked your “on the road”. Have enjoyed your daily scripts and love the pictures. I am sure Kelso will have many stories to share with us this winter in FL.

  4. Happy Birthday Uncle Larry! Hope you have fun celebrating while you explore Fairbanks!

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