Champ III: Going Places

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Thunder Bay Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba

This was a good day with an early start. The sun was out and the temp was about 60 when I took Kelso out for his walk. The walks get the job done for Kelso but they cannot compare to the length of the marina walks in the winter months. The road was fairly good and not a lot of traffic until later when we started running into construction. They are doing a lot of road widening and with all the rock in the area they are blasting and clearing they have one lane thru the construction area and east bound waits while westbound movers thru and the same for the other side. the wait is no more than about 5 minutes or so but the traffic is already at reduced speed in the construction zone.

I did find out from another RV at the camp site that the max speed limit yesterday in Ontario was 90 KPH (56 mph) and when we arrived in Manitoba it was upto 110 kph. The RV guy said on the way to Regina Saskatchewan, there will be long stretches that the limit is 120 kph (75 mph). The RVer I talked to actually lives about an hour north of Winnipeg and he did a tour of Florida this last winter in their RV. He had lots of good info on Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The scenery along the way was great for the first part. Where we stayed was actually a little east of Thunder Bay so we had an opportunity to see parts of Lake Superior over the tree tops. The terrain is actually quite hilly in the area. As we got further to the west we started to slowly see some of the influence of the wildfires. You cannot smell it but the sun shows thru the thin white haze and in the early morning and late evening the sun is orange as it approaches or leaves the horizon.

Well we are on to Regina tomorrow. It was nice to sit around today with the hazy sun out although it was not real warm.

Where we stayed in the Thunder Bay area was acruakky East of town so we did get some views of Lake Superior.

Another view of Lake Superior along with a few rain drops on the windshield.

3 thoughts on “Thunder Bay Ontario to Winnipeg Manitoba

  1. Dear Kelso,
    We have a saying out in the Northwest: Our weather is 9 months of winter and 3 months of road construction! I see you’ve run into it early on but it does give you more time to enjoy the un-Florida-llike scenery. Stay safe and please say hello to Larry for me!

  2. Larry and Kelso,
    I’m so glad that your trip is going well despite the rain, construction zones, and the haze from the fires. I walked on the marina walk this morning between 6:45-7:30 and the temperature was already 78 degrees. Not too many people walking here….in total I counted 9 others this morning and 6 dogs (Jake and Franklin were with Tina, Layla with Larry, Raven and Randy with their owner, and the small dog who usually is chasing behind its owner). Looking forward to more about your trip in the coming days………
    Take care,

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