Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay ON

Another weather weary day today. It was misting for the morning walk. Had to use the wipers for about half the drive. Raining when I stopped for gas in White River. We did see the sun for maybe half hour, mid-afternoon. Did get some pictures of Lake Superior when we stopped at a scenic lookout. Lots of road construction when we got closer to Thunder Bay. I thought I was in Michigan.

We are at a Flying J Truck Stop east of Thunder Bay. Tomorrow is on to Winnipeg.

The pictures are too large a file to upload. I am doing this on my phone. Need to talk to my Tech Dept.

This was a Scenic View that we stopped at. Resizing the photo does not give it credit. In the distance you could see Lake Superior although there was not a lot of water to see.

This is what part of the highway look like. Also a lot of “Watch For Falling Rocks” signs.

Another Highway View.

2 thoughts on “Sault Ste Marie to Thunder Bay ON

  1. Thunder Bay, A good rest to both of you, when you are able to get “Tech Support” to upload pictures, all of us on the web look forward to viewing, hopefully your new “selfie stick” is working well. Kelso are you enjoying the travels? I am looking forward to our next visit and will make sure to have VERY GOOD TREATS. Enjoy the adventure of a lifetime.

  2. The Tech department needs to resolve the picture problem so we can have a look and what happened to the Winnipeg post?

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