Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Regina Saskatchewan to Lethbridge Alberta

Lethbridge had room at their KOA so we signed up. It is about 150 miles southeast of Calgary. Calgary will be our next stop tomorrow and then into the Canadian Rockies, Banff and Lake Louise. We have a reservation for 2 days at a Lake Louise campgrounds.
Today we started a little later than we have been, 8:20. The traffic was light and we headed west on the Trans-Canada highway. The sun was out but you could tell the smoke was in the air. It stayed sunny all day.
The farmland was still mighty flat but nice and green. They have had rain here but not in large quantitiy to put out the fires.
Traffic was light for the whole trip and that was really nice. We stopped 2 times for gas and made a Tim Horton’s stop for lunch. Kelso thought their grass was pretty good and he was ready.
It is interesting that I was finally able to make the reservation at the Lake Louise Campgrounds. I played around with it on my phone but fat finger do not always type what you want, but the site said they had room. I decided to call the campgrounds and was told that they were all booked up for RV’s like mine and although I said the website said they had room, they said it must be in error. I went back on the website on my laptop and it still said they had room so I proceeded thru the long process of paying for and then confirming it. We will arrive Sunday afternoon and see what the story is, but I have a confirmation and a reservation number.

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  1. Sounds like things are going as planned. We’re looking forward to seeing some pictures if the Tech Dept can work things out. Starting to pack for fish camp and Bill Waters has decided to join us. Arnie

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