Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Nugget City RV Park Watson Lake Yukon to Caribou RV Park Whitehorse Yukon

Another good morning with it being mostly sunny and about 55 F. We did our walk at about 6:30 and got on the road about 7:30. I do not think I have mentioned that the sun I think is setting sometime after 11:00 pm and rising sometime before 4:00 am. I am not awake but it is light when we go to bed and light when we get up. This will take some getting used to.

The road was essentially empty except for the large RV I passed about 50 miles into the trip and no other cars going my way for the next 100 miles. The landscape at first reminded me up the upper portion of the lower peninsula of Michigan with lots of greenery and rolling hills. It was not too long before we drove back into the Rockies and again the landscape was fantastic. Some snow on the upper portions of the mountains but it was about 54 F were we were. Pretty natural with no building around and no people There were no power poles on the side of the road. Someone mentioned yesterday that there are a lot of places in the Yukon that if you want to live there your source of electricity is either a generator or solar.

The mountains like I said were fabulous and we passed a few large lakes that provided a great contrast for the mountains in the background. One was very large and it is names Teslin, and the town near it is Teslin. There were several other lakes but none even near the size of Teslin.

I did see a couple of medium size black bears today. The first one was crossing the road and was maybe 1000′ in front of me. I had the camera out but by the time I got up to where he crossed he was just disappearing into the trees. The second one was about the same story. I do not know if they heard me coming (RV noise) and scooted faster to the wood or what. It is interesting to see the wild life. All the campgrounds make a point to tell you not to leave anything out on the ground or picnic tables, move it into your trailer or RV. The rubbish/garbage disposal containers have an auto latching mechanism so the bears cannot get into them.

‘We are at Caribou RV park, just East of Whitehorse Yukon for tonoght. Not sure where we are going to stay tomorrow because they have a large group coming in and the spaces are reserved. I will check around Whitehorse today to see what the options are.

Kelso getting ready for the ride to Whitehorse. This is our camp site in Watkins Lake.

The road just meanders thru the wild.

Mountains coming up and the road grades are getting steeper.

Low hanging clouds around the mountains.

2 thoughts on “Nugget City RV Park Watson Lake Yukon to Caribou RV Park Whitehorse Yukon

  1. How cool that you got to see bears! (but at a safe distance 😁) I’ve been enjoying your posts, and the pictures. You and Kelso have been seeing some amazing landscapes!

  2. Good afternoon from Michigan to Larry and Kelso, we have been with many projects here at our Michigan home. We (Arnie and I) very much enjoy the postings, read them often. Traveling vicariously thru them. Arnie has done the trip previously.

    Kelso, I am so impressed with you and your Dad keeping up the early morning schedule for your walks, one major difference is your fan club and pup friends, “Gus, Lanea, Iris, Zoey and Zellie, I am sure I missing some and oh yes Franklin”. I think of you often and meeting at our corner, Kelso, Kelso and give you a treat. You are Special.

    Larry, all that you are doing is very impressive and well planned, are you an Architect or “Engineer” 🙂

    We look forward to hearing more when you and Kelso return to Michigan.
    Safe travels, speed under control.
    Please do some selfies or have someone take a few pictures of you and Kelso, great memories.
    Rae and Arnie

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