Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Lethbridge Alberta to Calgary Alberta

Great ride today along what I would call secondary roads for about 60% of the ride. We took our time getting started today and that included emptying the gray water and black water tanks on our way out of the KOA site. Traffic was light on the secondary roads and the land was flat and the major farms were plentiful. Everything was very green. I was interesting that these secondary roads were very good condition and the speed limit was 100 kph.
We left KOA at about 10:00 am and arrived in Calgary around 1:00 pm. We stopped at a strange store called Saveaton Superstore. They has a all close out products including limitied groceries. The store was fairly large and it seemed like a steady stream of traffic when we were there.
We are staying at a Flying J Travel Center which is really a truck stop. This one also has a Denny’s and a U-Haul. They allow the truckers who are not pulling a trailer to park in front and there was probably 20 of them. The full rigs were in the rear and there was a lot of them (no count).
I tried some pics because it was all flat farm land to the East and the foothills of the Rockies to the West. The actual Rockies are about an hours drive to the West tomorrow ( approx. 60 miles).
Today was sunny and the temp got to about the low 70s. For the next 3 day it is supposed to rain and the temp will reach a high in the mid-40s. Not sure what I am going to do about the rain. I hope the pictures will still look great even though there is no sun. I will evaluate the itinerary but I don’t think I can hang around for 3 or 4 days. The rain is needed for control of the wildfires and they are issuing some flood watches for the rain. More to come.
I did try to reduce the size of the photos and I will see if I can add them to the earlier posts. No promises.

4 thoughts on “Lethbridge Alberta to Calgary Alberta

  1. Good morning Larry and Kelso, Happy Father’s Day Larry, from Arnie and Rae. Seeing the pictures is wonderful. Kelso, you look Fantastic, the traveler, co-pilot, navigator. The motorhome looks nice, nice size. You two are making lots of memories.

  2. Of course your posts are being read!!! I’ll mimic Rae if I may and say “Happy Father’s Day!

    Greg and Sue spent 3 days in Lake Louise – it is stunning as I understand it, with the “blue” water. Hope to see myself one day. Safe travels!

    Jane & Scott

  3. Hi Larry and Kelso!
    Thanks for letting us know about the trip! Just got done catching up from the beginning…love that you are doing this…right up your alley !!! Signed up for updates so will look forward to going on this adventure with you two (even if it’s just to sit and read about it!)

  4. Hi Larry,
    Happy Father’s Day to you!
    I was a little slow to start following you but have read ever post. Like seeing your camper and it looks nice. How is it working out? Are you making coffee in the mornings?
    Kelso looks like he is relaxing on the trip. How is he doing with the traveling?
    Back from my trip. A Disney cruise would not be for everyone, but we had a wonderful time. The port adventures were amazing, beautiful and interesting. Barcelona is a clean city and easy to walk around but Rome was dirty and cobbled streets are difficult to walk on. My hip did pretty good, but Motrin helped a lot.
    Safe travels,

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