Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Fort Nelson British Columbia to Watson Lake, Yukon Territories

Another good day, Sun and about 60 F for starters, but we did not exit the RV until about 6:30 this morning. Kelso had a good walk and breakfast. I waited for the couple in the RV I talked with last night so I could say goodbye and hope to see them along the way. Our routes are the similar until we get to Fairbanks.

On the road the traffic was really light. If you look at some of the photos there are no vehicles in front of me or any in the other lane going South. They have quit putting passing lanes in and I think it is because the traffic is so light it is not hard to find a reasonable stretch to pass the vehicle in front of you. Today the hills got much more serious as we re-entered the Canadian Rockies. The roads have been pretty good up to today except for construction zones but today they took a turn for the worse. As we got into the Rockies the speed limit was 80 kph and same of the roads had no lines and there were no shoulders, paved or unpaved. Pretty rustic. Passes several areas where the asphalt was gone and it was a gravel road for maybe a mile of so. The speed limit in these areas was 50 kph but the gravel was graded. We even drove thru one area where they took the pavement out fo 20′ to 30′ and put in gravel. They warned you but they did not do a good job a making the gravel level. Once we got thru the Rockies the roads seemed to improve.

Also saw the wild life signs again but this time I saw a smaller black bear going up the bank, away from the road. I did not turn around because he would have been in the forest before I could have gotten back. The Reed City gentleman from the night before showed me pictures of Caribou and Bison near the road. It looked like the Bison was just laying there enjoying his day. We had sprinkles with some steady rain in the Rockies nothing before and it was dry after the Rockies. In the Rockies we passes an area called Muncho Lake. I was going to stay there but none of the RV parks had any room. Anyway the setting of this large lake with the mountains behind it was just stunning. I hope the picture turns out good.

I am writing this in my work processor because I have no cell service here and hence no internet. So I thought I could post yesterday and today’s now, I will have to wait. I did get some emails along the way but I must have been running in and out of cell service.

This picture shows the hills getting a little higher.

We are in the serious foothills of the mountains here.

The picture above and the one below are unusual for the fact there is no greenery near the road. They just built it by removing some of the rock so they could pave.

These mountains differ from the ones around Jasper in that they have lots of vegitation on them and at least these do not have the rockie peaks.

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  1. Hi Larry and Kelso!
    Great job capturing the beauty of the foothills through your windshield! It looks like a fun drive. We’re just catching up on your travels since it took our IT department a while to connect with your entire entries. Sounds like you both are having a great time exploring. Have fun and be safe!
    J and J

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