Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Dawson Creek British Columbia to Fort Nelson British Columbia

It was a nice morning, sun shining and about 62 F. We came out early, a little after 6 for our walk, and about 10 minutes later the large Class A RV with a Jeep in tow, pulled out and left. A lot of the larger ones , the drivers do not do the speed limit. They do maybe 5 to 10 mph less and that can be a problem when there are no passing lanes available.

Thursday we stayed in Dawson Creek to do a few chores. I had the oil changed on the RV. I stopped at a Laundromat and left my clothes with the women running the place and she was going to wash and dry the clothes. Did a nice job. I also went to the local Walmart and picked up a few things. Nothing is busy, just a few people around. We had about an hour to 1 ½ hours of pretty good rain in the early evening. During the day I had noticed the smoke haze seemed to be thicker.

Anyway, Friday, we got on the road to Fort Nelson. Nice and sunny and were are in some gentle hills (no steep rises). The traffic was light except when they stopped you at a construction zone. Even then traffic thins rapidly once you are out of the Construction Zone. The landscape is very green and I passed a few forested areas that, to me, seemed to be recovering from wildfires a couple of years ago. A lot of dark pine trees with no needles but lots a vegetation all around on the ground. Also saw signs for the local wild life. Separate signs for Caribou, Elk and black bears, although I did not see any.

Stayed at a nice campground and the RV that pulled in next to me were a couple from Reed City Michigan that are headed to Alaska. What a pleasant couple and we sat at the picnic table until almost 10:00 swapping stories and talking about Alaska. The gentleman had driven to Alaska back in 2018 and his memory appears to be incredible from all the things he remembered. I picked up a few tips for campground in Whitehorse Yukon and Tok Alaska.

It was a very good day. Sorry for the problem with the site. The IT Dept think they have it figure out.

As you can see the weather is great and the scenery is great.

Not too many cars on the road.

The distance shows some of the foothills for the Canadian Rockies.

Kelso is enjoying the campgrounds in Fort Nelson.