Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Calgary Alberta to Lake Louise Campgrounds in the Banff National Park, Alberta

We got a liesurely start this morning but it was about 50 outside, very grey with some rain showers passing thru the area. Traffic in Calgary was not too bad but there were a couple of slow-downs and then were were on Trans-Canadian Hwy 1 head west. This is a short ride today, approximately 160 kilometers.

The foothills I saw yesterday got a little larger and many of the hill tops had rain clouds around their top. About 30 miles outside of the Banff National Park the scenery was great in spite of the clouds and intermitent rain. Lots of people visiting the park and you have to pay an extrance fee even though you may have reservations inside the Park. There were 3 lanes for the toll collectors with 2 collectors at each lane. Probably 20 cars waiting in each lane. They also have 2 lanes that go around the toll collectors and do not have to stop for those that have a valid pass.

Once inside we took our time because we were early and stopped at the first scenic turnout. Lots of people and hard to find a parking space. Kelso wanted to hang around because there were lots of squirrels and ground hogs that he wanted to chase. I took some good pictures at this spot. We turned off Hwy 1 at the Lake Louise exit and followed the signs (past the campground) to the actual Lake Louise area. Traffic was heavy. At the end there was no available parking but the guy in front of me thought if he just sat there they would let him into the lot. The lot was barricaded shut and there were attendents trying to make the traffic move on. He finally got the message and moved on.

We came back to the campground, and if you can imagine that, they found my reservation and we were able to drive right in without a problem. I did not say anything and I do not know the name of the person on the phone call that told me they were full. Life is good, we are in the park and the RV is plugged in. Right now as I am writing this, the sun is out, it is not raining, YEA!!!

Scenic Turn-out picture looking across the water. I am glad Kelso has no particular interest in getting wet.

When you turn around from the water this is the view of the mountains behind.

This is our campsite for the next 2 days. Obviosly the weatherman was wrong with his forecast for on and off rain all day.

This picture is from our campsite but I turned around from where the RV is. The trees are tall enough that the mountains are hard to see.

3 thoughts on “Calgary Alberta to Lake Louise Campgrounds in the Banff National Park, Alberta

  1. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your time at Lake Louise and give Kelso a hug from me!

  2. Good morning, Larry and Kelso, your photos are Stunning with Beauty, Kelso wonderful to see you. Larry, a suggestion “try out your new selfie stick with you and Kelso”. Enjoy Lake Louise and the Beautiful Scenery. Wonderful journey for you two.

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