Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Marina Jack, Sarasota, FL to Palm Island Marina, Cape Haze, FL — December 4, 2013

Great Weather this morning with a cloudless sky and temps in the mid 60’s that will warm to the 80’s. The weather forecast is calling for a chance of rain this afternoon and evening but it sure does not look like it now.

Gave the boat a good hosing down today with fresh water.  I wanted to wash all the salt off the boat surface.  I have been trying to do this after each day we travel.  At least with the last couple of days there has not been a lot of wind and spray so the salt on the boat is minimal.

I did a reasonably long walk to the local CVS today to get our refills on prescriptions.  I tried to get a cab on the way back but never saw a cab. I also stopped by a Whole Foods Store on the way back to the boat as it was in the downtown Sarasota area.  The
location was pretty strange for a grocery store because they are not normally located in the city centers.

We had a nice dinner at the open air restaurant/bar at the Marina last night.  They had live music with a soloist singing 60’s music.  It was really good and a nice way to relax.

The trip today was really a breeze with no major problems.  The traffic on the water was
moderate but most of the boats were small boats so the wakes were not bad.  We did have another Looper follow us, Sun-Drum.  We had travelled with them on the Tennessee River to Chattanooga but we have not seen them since Fairhope Yacht Club on Mobile Bay.  Sun-Drum was a little taller than us and got caught at some of the bridges but was only about a mile behind us when we turned into Palm Island.

Palm Island has a group of boaters in the marina this week that have decorated their boats with lights for the holidays.  There will be a lot of people on the docks tonight with people going from boat to boat. Fortunately we are not on the dock with the decorated boats so we do not have all the people going by the boat. It will be easier to get to bed early.