Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Bashi Creek Anchorage, Campbell, AL To Bobby’s Fish Camp, Bladon, AL — November 5, 2013

We had a leisurely start today because we only had 26 miles to go to Bobby’s Fish Camp.  The temps last night were pretty much as predicted and it was not too cool in the boat this morning. The sky was overcast and it did not warm right away.

We got underway and there were several tows on the river.  We passed one going southbound and 2 more going northbound. One tow were passed that was upbound was really turning up the water and right behind the tow the water was churning 3’ in the
air.  He set up a pretty good wake also with wave probably 2’ and the roll in the water lasted for about 2 miles after we passed the tow.

The river was relatively quiet, other than the tows.  We arrive at Bobby’s at about noon.  We both wanted to get just a little fuel to make sure we had enough for the run to Mobile tomorrow.  We plan on an early start and being in Mobile by the end of the day, about 138 miles to Dog River.

We sat at the fuel dock waiting for Lora Jane, Bobby’s daughter.  Bobby died 3 years ago and she is running the place now.  We waited for about 2 hours.  We had called and she knew we were there but she had told me she needed a little time.  We each added a little fuel, Champ III took 50 gallons and Humbug took 60 gallons.

We were hoping that a couple of more boats would come in.  Tuesday is not a normal day for the restaurant to be open but if there are enough people they will cook for
them.  They did that last year when we were here.  It did not happen tonight.  No other boats showed up so we did not even ask them about the restaurant. We have plenty of leftovers on the boat and that is not the problem but we thought the restaurant would be nice to do.

It is strange with the time change from daylight savings to standard time. It is getting dark at 5:00 now and although the actual daylight time is not getting much shorter now the daylight ends an hour sooner.  We are going to try and get on the river tomorrow at 6:00.  We will see if that happens.