Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Midway Marina, Fulton, MS to Columbus Marina, Columbus, MS — October 30, 2013

Another early day today because we had 4 locks today and had no idea if there would be a delay.  I suspected that once we were locked thru the rest of the locks would know we were coming and could try and be ready for us.

I started the genny and pulled the power cord with Lenore still in bed. I was hoping that she could get a little more rest because she did not feel good yesterday.  We left the dock today with Lenore still down below but she came up on deck within about 10 minutes.  She was feeling better and the starting of the genny had been enough to wake her.

We were at the first lock in about 15 minutes.  There were 4 boats and they fit us in after they let out an upbound tow and taking the lock back down for another tow.  We were fortunate and by 8:10 we had the 1st lock behind us.

The sun was out for a short time this morning and the temps were relatively mild. The color on the river is really starting to come out and the sun shows it well.  When we got further south you could tell that there was not as much color.

We were able get thru the other locks pretty much driving right in and being locked thru.  The last lock held the doors open for another boat that had been at Midway last night and was running on plane.  He had been able to catch up.  The normal courtesy is
to exit a lock in the order that you entered. When they opened the lock doors this “fast” boater exited with the first boat.  I asked on the radio if I had missed something and he asked to go first. Another boater said no and said that it is common courtesy to exit in
the order you enter.  Mr. Fast said he was going to go fast and thought it would be better to exit first.  We told him he should have asked the other boaters.  He was kind of at a loss for words but finally came back and said he was sorry.

There was a lot of floating debris in the waterway.  Some was just plants that had been uprooted but there were also some logs.  The lead boat, Bella Sea Casa, did a good job of alerting the other 3 of what he passed and where it was so we could avoid it.

After getting tied up at Columbus Marina it was good to see a lot of boats we have not seen since Kentucky at Green Turtle Bay. We had traveled with some of them on the Illinois and Mississippi and it was good to talk to them again.

We were going to go into town for dinner with Humbug but Lenore was not feeling good so we stayed on board.  The marina was putting on a pulled pork BBQ for the boaters so I went over and brought a couple of plates back.  The food was very good and it worked out that we did not have to cook a meal on board.

The Weatherman is predicting some rain and possible thunderstorms for tomorrow so we will be in Columbus for a couple of days.  The next stop after this one is an anchorage and I do not want to be there in the rain. Once was enough.