Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Green Turtle Bay Marina, Grand Rivers, KY to Pebble Isle Marina, New Johnsonville, TN — October 13, 2013

Had a great week at Green Turtle Bay.  It is hard to believe that the week went by as fast as it did.  They had a “Harvest Moon” festival in Grand Rivers KY this weekend.  They had a parade in town yesterday.  Someone said that everyone that had a convertible would be in the parade.

During The Week I have been busy running to the local NAPA store to get supplies for doing an oil change and fuel filter change.  The store and the marina were very accommodating.

We also did some shopping at several stores.  This year the marina pointed us to Eddyville because it was closer and during an election this year the area voted to be a
wet county and the beer and wine store has opened and the Food Giant also sells beer.  I am sure it has helped all the other retailers in the area, although that is not a great number.

The Loopers that were behind us all caught up and arrived Wednesday and Thursday.  They had waited the bad weather out at Hoppies and then travelled 4 days to reach Green Turtle Bay.

There was also a contingent of boats from Nashville that came in for the weekend.  On of the boats, a 48′ Sea Ray Sedan Bridge, was called Play Dough.  The owner runs a company that makes all the bread for the Cracker Barrel Restaurants.  They usually carry a couple of cases of bread on the boat when they travel and hand them out.  We were able to get a loaf of the bread and it was pretty good.

The day was cool when Candy and I went for our walk and we were able to get on the water by 7:30 as we had 73 miles to go to Pebble Isle Marina.  We had also stayed there last year and they have good fuel costs so that is where we will fill up.

Green Turtle Bay is on Lake Barkley so we exited to Lake Barkley, went about 1 mile and turned right into the canal to Kentucky Lake.  The canal is only about 1 mile
long and we turned left into Kentucky Lake.

Technically we were still on Kentucky Lake when we arrived at Pebble Isle but the lake was more like a wide river at that point. The Lake ends about 3 miles further south.

Lots of nice scenery and everything on our port side (east) for the first 30 miles+/- is known as the Land In The Middle and is a park.  It is between Barkley Lake and
Kentucky Lake.  There are lots of bays where the locals will raft up and anchor for the weekend and have a good time.

The day was a nice day with the sun out and the wind behind us so there were no problems.  Nice scenery with all the coves in the park area.

We passed a few bridges and only one tow.  It was a good day to travel.  There were a lot of bass fishermen out on the water racing up and down the lake as fast as they could go.  You wonder if some of them ever fish.  It is also interesting that those in the north part of the lake will race to the south end to fish and those in the south end of the lake will race to the north end to fish, go figure???