Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Washington Park Municipal Marina, Michigan City, Indiana to DuSable Harbor, Chicago, IL — September 17, 2013

Pretty cold this morning for boaters.  It was 42 when Candy and I went for our walk.  The sky was partly to mostly cloudy and the winds had shifter to the southeast as predicted.  So it looks like we will go to Chicago today.

The wind was up a little so we stayed within about 2 miles of the shore until we passed Gary Indiana and needed to go further out to avoid some industrial area on a peninsula and a shoal area. The water was not bad and the trip was essentially uneventful.  The Indiana shoreline gets more and more commercial as you move west And even on a not so clear day the Chicago skyline is visible from 15 miles away.

This year we decided to stay at DuSable Harbor which is right downtown with great walking access to Millennium Park.  Bay Pier is just on the other side of the Chicago River.  There is a trade off for all this good access, the slip fees are the highest on the Great Lakes and they also charge $20 per night for electricity.

We also have access to their water front parks and hiking trail that extends for miles and miles. Candy and I were out for our walk and you need to be careful on the trail so you do not get run over by the bike riders.

We took a cab last night to a restaurant called Bub City.  It is located on North Clark Street in downtown. The food was good but the crowd was a somewhat younger crowd and Lenore and I brought the average age up a little.  They were pretty busy for a Tuesday evening.  The rush hour traffic was terrible on the way there but better on the way back. Lenore is going looking for a yarn shop today and Candy and I will explore Millennium Park.  There is a chance of rain so we will need to keep an eye to the sky.

We plan on staying in Chicago till Friday morning and then enter the Chicago River to head south.  We are not sorry to put Lake Michigan behind us.  It just has been a lot rougher on us than what we are used to.  The rivers will be better.