Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Petoskey Municipal Marina, Petoskey, MI to Leland Harbor, Leland, MI — August 5, 2013

Sunrise was quite unusual this morning.  First because Candy and I were out to see it but also with the red sky in the morning and the fog that shrouded the hills east of Little Traverse Bay.  I have a few pictures of this sunrise.

The wind was light and the NOAA Forecasts were encouraging so we departed for Leland. After we left we listened to the weather on the VHF and it was predicting the winds stronger than what NOAA had and we experienced some of that as we crossed Grand Travers Bay.  Once behind the cover of the Leelanau Peninsula The waves were much more manageable and it was a good cruise to Leland.

We saw a lot of boats headed in our direction.  We were traveling about 10 mph so they were passing us.  Well it turns out Walstrom Marine  is having a rendezvous as Leland.  There must be 20 large Tiara yachts here and the harbor is close to full.  I am glad we got in when we did.

About 1/2 hour after we docked in Leland it started to rain.  Initially the rain was relatively light but the radar showed some heavier rain out in Lake Michigan headed this was.

Leland is a nice harbor with a small fishing village type town nestled right around the harbor.  The fishing village is called “Old Fish Town” and most of the buildings are now souvenir shops, ice cream or a sandwich shop.  The main Town is only about 3 blocks long by 2 blocks wide and it really exists for the tourists.  Must be lonely here in the winter.