Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Leland Harbor, Leland, MI to Manistee Municipal Harbor, Manistee, MI — August 6, 2013

The Walstrom rendezvous set of some fireworks last night.  Fortunately for Candy it was a very short display.  We did not get an early start today but the sky was reasonably clear and the weather called for waves 1 foot or less.

The harbor was busy this morning.  Turns out it was good that we stopped at Leland yesterday because Humbug called them today and were told that there was no room for the next 4 days.  Not sure what all these people/boaters will do for the next 4 days???

Well the waves were about 1′ when we got out into Manatou Channel.  They stayed about that way until we turned south at Sleeping Bear Dunes Point.  We contemplated going into Frankfort because the southern sky looked dark.  As we got close to Frankfort the sky seemed to brighten so we decided to go on to Manistee. There was a 10 to 12 mile section that the waves increased to about 3’+ and it was a little lumpy.  It did calm down about 4 miles out of Manistee to probably 1/2′ and the ride was fine.

Manistee has a nice riverwalk and the Municipal Marina is right in the middle of the walk. the river is not real wide as you can see in the photos.  A lot of Charter Fishing Boats along the docks.  A lot of revitalization going on along the riverwalk area.  There was a free concert tonight at the band shell near the west end of the riverwalk but Lenore and I decided to go to dinner instead.

I had an opportunity to talk to some fellow Loopers, Ken and Karen on the trawler Meandering from Britt Ontario.  They are just a little over a month into the Loop and enjoying it. They had a lot of questions and we talked for probably 1/2 hour.

Big thunderstorm rolled thru in the middle of the night.  Lots of lightening and thunder along with some heavy rain.  Candy had some issues and decided to join us in bed looking for some safe haven.  It lasted probably about 1/2 hour.  Sky was general clear by the time Candy took here first walk.