Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

South Bay Cove Marina, Honey Harbour Ontario to Henry’s Fish

Well the rest was nice at South Bay Cove Marina.  The staff is great and the amenities are first class.  The weather cleared yesterday but it was windy and today should be perfect and in the low 70’s.  We got a mid-morning start because we did not have all that far to go to get to Henry’s Fish Market Restaurant.

The winds today were light with just enough breeze to make it comfortable.  Lots of boat traffic on the water today even though it is Friday. Quite a few boats had left South Bay Cove before us today getting a jump on the weekend.

We cruised along at about 9 mph and everybody was going faster and we had to roll with the wakes. Fortunately any of the boats were runabouts or personal water craft.

The scenery is just spectacular with all the rock formations.  Everything is rock and many of the islands do not have any trees or vegetation because it is just smooth rock.  There are cottages around but not all that many and the further north we get the fewer cottages we will see.  After Parry Sound it does get quite natural and undeveloped

Several of the areas of the Small Craft Route are very tight turns and narrow channels.  The markers have been placed so you avoid the rocks on either side of the channel.  Everyone respects the channel markers, even the PWC’s. I took several pictures of one particular tight turn.  This channel was really meant for the small runabout type boat and you need to pay attention to the charts and watch the channel markers.

Henry’s is located on the Small Craft Route and is a must stop.  The food is very good and the scenery is really fantastic.  Many people come from the cottages around the area and Parry Sound.  I talked to a couple last night that were anchored out and came in with their dog by dingy.  Lenore and I have been here before and enjoy the spot.

Friends of ours, Dennis and Anne Welsh have a cottage on this island. We did meet boaters here that we have seen along the way.  Off Leash, a catamaran was here when we pulled in and Canadian Flyer, Cameo trawler, that we saw in Campbellford, came in about an hour after we did.  We all got together for an early fish dinner and both boats left to anchor out.