Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Little Current Town Docks, Little Current, Ontario to Gore Bay Town Docks, Gore Bay, Ontario — July 27, 2013

We left Little Current early.  The wind was not real strong, the sky was clouy and temps were cool.  We decided to move to Gore Bay to continue on in the North Channel.

We have always like Gore Bay.  It has been one of our top ports in the North Channel.  They have a nice marine store right at the marina and that is probably because Canadian Yacht Charters is based there.  That would allow the people renting the boats to have easy access to marine supplies that they needed.

The ride was a little bumpy for the first half because of the wind out of the southwest and a pretty good reach to the shore from the channel we were in.  After we passed thru Clapperton Channel the water was pretty flat because we were closed to Manatoulin Island.

We passed several sailboats going toward Little Current and there was one commercial fishing boat out. We were passed by 2 cruisers that had been in Little Current last night
and they were headed west.  They ended up in Gore Bay and had just finished fueling when we pulled in.

Not much has changed in Gore Bay in the last dozen years or so.  Gore Bay is still the same quite community with a relatively small downtown. They have a grocery store, a hardware store, a convenience store, a gas station, and a couple of restaurants.

Candy liked the grass area and we were able to get dock space in close to shore so it was a short walk to shore.  There are a lot of other boats with dogs so Candy had plenty of company on the docks and during her walks.

We barbequed the first two nights in Gore Bay because the weather was reasonable and we wanted to use up some of the food in the freezer.  It has been a while since we used the barbeque but I found all the parts and got it assembled with no problem.