Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Killarney Mountain Lodge, Killarney, Ontario to Little Current Town Docks, Little Current, Ontario– July 24, 2013

We had fish from the Fish Bus yesterday.  This bus is a real institution up here.  The commercial fishermen go out in the morning and bring back the catch for the day.  They supply the bus and a fish market in the adjoining building.  The bus provides fish and chips pretty much exclusively and people come from all around to enjoy.  The fish is whitefish that is deep fried with a light batter. Very, very good.

Pretty cool morning today.  When Candy and I came out at 6:30 it was in the low 50’s with a reasonable breeze out of the northwest.  The sun was just coming up and it was nice and warm.

We stayed at the dock and I listened to the weather and the winds sounded reasonable so when Pete came over I suggested we leave around 11:00.  Pete was fine with that and we started making preparations for departure.  The wind did not seem to strengthen so I was confident that the water would be fine for cruising on the open bays.

There was a lot of boat traffic today and we took the Lansdowne Channel.  There are a couple of narrow spots in the channel so we were following a line of saiboats thru a narrow spot.  It was good to pass the slower boats even though we were only moving along at 9.5 mph.

The temps did warm during the day to the low 70’s but not much more.  We arrived in Little Current at just after 1:00 and it was a zoo with boats floating all over the place waiting for either the fuel dock or waiting for a slip assignment. We called in and they did respond but put us in the que.  They did get us into a slip in about 20 minutes.

The Little Current Town Docks have grown in the last decade or so.  They used to be just a long shore dock and then they added floating docks with slips at the west end of the channel about 10 years ago.  They now also have floating docks with slips at the east end of the channel.  The center portion is still a shore dock but is used for Great Lakes Cruise Ships if they are in the area. The center portion (east end) has Wally’s Fuel Service for the boaters.

Once we were situated we found where the grocery store and pharmacy were and walked up the hill.  There were 2 groceries, across the street from each other and the pharmacy was next door to the Foodland Grocery.  Lenore and Carolyn did a little shopping.

We had been without internet for the last several days. The Killarney Mountain Lodge advertised that had internet but it turned out to be only available in the lodge lounge and you were limited to 10 MB’s of data or enough to check your email as the attendant told me.  What a bummer.  Little Currents internet is great and readily accessible from the boat.  There are 2 networks, one for the east docks and one for the west docks.

We ate at the Anchor Inn last night and our luck is not working.  Lenore and Pete had buffalo burgers but they were not cooked as requested so Pete sent his back.  We asked for Lenore’s left overs to be boxed but they were thrown away instead.  Less than what we had expected.  At least the company and conversation were great for the evening.

Pete and Carolyn are leaving tomorrow and Lenore and I are staying another day.  We will meet up later when we start our second Loop.  They are headed south of Chicago for Labor Day so they can drive home to Connecticut for a wedding.