Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Hopewell Bay Anchorage, Pointe Au Baril, Ontario to St. Amont’s Marina on the Byng Inlet, Britt, Ontario – July 21, 2013

We had a great dinner on Humbug last night.  Humbug is Pete and Carolyn’s 39’ Nordic Tug that they bought to do the Loop.  We barbequed steaks and salmon and had lots of good stories. It was a great time and Pete towed us back because of the outboard issue.

We decided that we did not need to get an early start.  The forecast was for the wind to turn out of the east (from the northwest) which it did. The wind was also not quite as strong as yesterday.  We followed the chartplotter route line that we made yesterday and having been thru the route twice before made the navigating a breeze.

The wind was as predicted and the Georgian Bay was pretty calm with a very light ripple on it.  We had a 3rd power boat that was following us.  They were in the Hopewell Bay anchorage last night and left just before us this morning. They were going slow and so we passed them about ½ way to the Pointe Au Baril Lighthouse.  After we passed them they picked up the speed and were about ½ mile behind us all the way to the Byng Inlet.

The Byng Inlet is a deep water inlet that used to take oil tanker freighters in, but that business has been discontinued.  The town of Byng is on the south side of the inlet and the town of Britt is on the north side of the inlet.  The Towns are set back off the Georgian Bay approximately 5 miles.

The Byng Inlet is also the outlet for the Magnetawan River.  Morton’s Point Fish Camp is probably 40 miles up the river past several rapids and waterfalls.  I have been a member of Morton’s Point Fish Camp for 30 years and there has been some really good fishing up there.

We also had made arrangements to have our mail forwarded to the St. Amont’s Marina.  I was not sure how long it would take and what Customs might do because of a US package that as obviously more than one letter.  WelI I guess Customs did nothing because in total it took 4 days from mailing to delivery.

Lenore and I have stayed at St. Amont’s Marina many times in the past and have enjoyed the area.

There was no mechanic available on a Sunday to look at the outboard so hopefully we can have it looked at in Killarney.

There is also a Restaurant called the Britt Inn just up the road from the marina that has been very good in the past. We have heard that the owner died this last spring but the restaurant is still open with the same cook.  We will go there while we are in Britt.

The plan is to stay here one night and move on to Killarney.  We were going to anchor out in Mill Lake on the Collins Inlet but the weather is not cooperating so we will go on to Killarney.