Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Big Sound Marina, Parry Sound Town Dock, Parry Sound, Ontario to Killbear Marina, Killbear Ontario – July 17, 2013

Today was another hot, humid, stuffy day, just like Southeast Michigan is experiencing.  When Candy and I came out this morning for her walk at 6:30 it was already in the high 70’s and humid.  It is a good thing that we had a decent breeze across the water from the west.

We were at the Big Sound Marina.  We moved there from the Town Dock yesterday because they had Wi-Fi in the marina and the marina has better protection from the wake of passing boats so it was more comfortable.

We only had a short trip today to Killbear Marina.  It is a small marina at the intersection of the small craft route and the channel into Parry Sound.  There is a large rock at the intersection with the daymarks on it that is named Carling Rock.  Killbear Marina is in the 1st bay north of Carling Rock.  Lenore and I have visited the Killbear Marina several times before and have enjoyed it.  Killbear Marina gets its name from the adjacent Killbear Provincial Park.

There was a light chop on the water from the decent breeze out of the west.  The chop was maybe ½’ to 1’ and the breeze was around 10 mph. A good deal of boat traffic on the water today, headed into Parry Sound with most of them bigger cruiser boats. Water temps are about 78 F from my instrumentation so there are a lot of people swimming at the various beaches we passed along the way.

I was listening on the VHF radio before I called into Killbear Marina and they did not seem busy with little chatter on the VHF radio.  Just as I picked up the mike to call several boats called in to get fuel and dockage for the night.  We needed to wait a few minutes so the dock hands could help with the lines.

After we were in there was another wave of boats that came in from the south.  There was 5 more power boats that came in in total. The winds and weather for the next couple of days is not supposed to be ideal for boating so I think everyone is looking for
a dock to tie to.