Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Shadows Marina, Poughkeepsie, NY to Riverview Marine Services, Catskill, NY — June 1, 2013

We started late today waiting for the low tide.  We wanted to get the push of a rising tide.  We left the marina at 2:15.

This gave me a chance to do some shopping this morning,  The Marina Dock Master arranged a ride for me from one of the local boaters to the Price Chopper Supermarket.  This was the first real shopping since Annapolis  so we needed quite a few things.

There was a lot going on today as this was the first good weather they have had this spring on a weekend.  Not all the boats are in the water but everyone seemed ready to party.  Lots of activity along the banks both up and down river from the towns.  More boats on the water and the small local boaters were out getting in some water time.

As the day went on it got hotter and the winds picked up from the south.  No challenge for us as we were going with the wind and the current.  In a lot of respects it was like boating on the St. Clair River.

We did pass several tows on the river and an awful lot of tree branches and wood in the river.  They had lots of rain early in the week.  The Erie Canal was closed between Locks 7 and 19 due to high water and debris.  I think some of the debris is what was flushed out of the Erie Canal.

We did get a couple of pictures of the Catskill Mountains in the background of the river bank on the west side.  This was about 5 to 8 miles south of the town of Catskill.  Nice scenery along the way and there have been quite a bit of variation.

I called the Riverview Marine Services where we will stay in Catskill New York about 4:30.  The women on the phone, Susan, wanted to know because they normally close at 5:30 and she was curious when we would be there.  I let her know we were on schedule and would be there by 5:30.  We were docking right at 5:30.

They had a nice spot for us in that we were up the inlet and laying against the dock so there was minimal wake disturbance and that went away as the sun went down.  A real working marina for the locals with limited transient space.  There were 3 transients there and the one was a 60′ Viking headed south and a sailboat had its mast stepped for the canal ride home.

I was pretty bushed and did lights out about 9:30 or so.  Well that did not last long because Catskill had a fireworks display that lasted about 1/2 hour.  Candy was so tired that the fireworks did not really effect her.  She just seemed to roll over and go back to sleep.  Other than the fireworks the marina was quiet.

Mike, the Owner, was great.  He runs the place along with his wife Susan.  They did not leave until about 6:30 after they finished fueling the Viking.  They went down the street to the local pub and had a couple of beers.  He stopped back in the marina after they left the pub and I asked him if he could get me some ice.  No problem, he opened the office to get the Ice Machine key and we were all set.  He had someone in the marina at 6:30 this morning that was able to help us off the dock.