Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Riverview Marine Services, Catskill, NY to Albany Yacht Club, Albany, NY — June 2, 2013

Left a little before 7:00 this morning.  The forecast is for strong storms later this afternoon and we wanted to avoid that.  The sky was clear and the wind was light but the temp was 74 at 6:00 this morning.

Not a lot of traffic on the river for the first few hours this morning but there was still a lot of debris in the water.  Not quite as much as yesterday but still had to dodge the logs.

I kept checking the NOAA Radar on my IPhone to make sure nothing popped up on us unexpectedly.  The sky did get a little dark to the north but they stayed north and moved northeast away from us.

The approach to Albany, NY is pretty industrial with a lot of the tows we passed the last 2 days now in port.  Lots of petroleum dockage along the south waterfront.  The Yacht Club is up near the 1st bridge into Downtown.

We arrived in Albany at the Yacht Club before 11:30 and the rain did not come until a couple of hours later.  I wanted to get to Albany so I can do an oil change on the engines and generator tomorrow and be ready for the last leg of the trip.  We are about 8 miles south of the start of the Erie Canal.  We will try for Tuesday to move up into the Canal but I need to make some preparations for the locking now that we are going to be back in that mode for the Erie, Oswego and Trent-Severn Canals.  I have to re-inflate the 2 large ball bumpers and one small one.  I have a problem with my inflator that I will need to address first so it is not a simple job.  They never seem to be.