Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Riverlink Park, Amsterdam, NY to Little Falls Canal Harbor, Little Falls, NY — June 9, 2013

I wanted to get started early today because the weather for Monday and Tuesday are not good forecasts.  We need to make 7 locks and approximately 42 miles today.  Hard to predict how well the locks will go.  Early is kind of a misnomer because the locks open at 8:00 and the first one was 1/2 mile up river.

Well we did not start well.  We arrived at the 1st lock and he was having electrical problems and it took him 1/2 hour to resolve the issue.  All the rest of the locks were expecting us and had the doors open and the green light on when we got there.  The locks went well and we were on the water for a little over 7.5 hours.

We decided to stop for the night in Little Falls New York at the Little Falls Canal Harbor because Skipper Bob Publications indicated that many Loopers think this is the best stop on the Erie Canal.  Lenore had trouble getting to sleep last night because of the train traffic.  She said there were 10 trains the first hour she tried to fall asleep.  They came into town with their whistle blowing for the crossings. With that in mind we decided Canajoharie was out because it was listed as having train and road noise.  The train tracks follow the north bank of the Erie Canal (Mohawk River) for the entire length we have been on it so far.  I slept thru the train noise but was aware of it when I was awake.

We had dinner last night at the R & B Café at Riverlink Park.  A unique restaurant in that all the tables are outside and 1/2 of the tables are under an awning and the other 1/2 are out in the open. The tables under the awning were also protected by drop curtains from the wind.  They have linen table clothes and I had a chance to talk to some of the staff, including the R & B ( Rene and Bob).  The food was great and Lenore agreed.  The menu was not extensive but included fish, shrimp, chicken, pork and steak along with a variety of burgers and salads.  A nice surprise for a small town riverfront restaurant.  They are obviously only open for the summer season and it was a little chilly by the time we finished dinner and were ready to go back to the boat.

We will stay at the Little Falls Canal Harbor for at least 2 days and probably 3.  This will give us a chance to go to the grocery and to CVS for prescriptions.  Tom, one of the dockmasters will take us for the shopping.  He volunteered without any hesitation.  It is about 5 miles for groceries and CVS