Champ III: Going Places

The adventure starts here.

Oswego Marina, Oswego, NY to Tenton Ontario, Canada — June 22, 2013

Good forecast for the winds today so we could make the crossing of Lake Ontario.  I checked my 4 different services and they all agreed that the NW winds of Friday would change overnight to South and then Southwest on Saturday afternoon.  Winds would be 5 to 10 mph with waves of 1′ or less.

My God, the weather men were right for a change.  We left about 8:00 and Lake Ontario had about a 1′ chop with the waves out of the west with the wind mostly from the South.  Some of the time we had no wind as there was a smooth surface to the water/waves.  The last 20 miles of open water was reasonably smooth.

We were headed to Trenton Ontario where the Trent/Severn Waterway (T/S) starts.  We went around the west end of the peninsula that sticks out into Lake Ontario, on the north side, into an area called Presquille Bay and then into the Murray Channel.  Murray Channel is a 5 mile long ditch that was dug many years ago to shorten the time to get to Toronto and points west from the Bay of Quinte.  From the east end of the Murray Channel we traveled about 6 miles on the Bay of Quinte to get to Trenton.

There were many swans on Presquille Bay and this included some young swans.  Mom & pop were taking them around and showing them how to forage for food.

We are staying at the Fraser Park Marina which is a City Marina.  Not a large marina but they had room for us and a few other big boats.  The dock hand was great and directed us right to where he wanted us and got us tied up in no time at all.

The Marina is located right downtown.  It is 4 blocks to the LCBO (busiest place in town), 1 block to the drug store, 4 or 5 restaurants within two block radius. The town is small enough that the traffic is not a problem with noise at the marina.

The weatherman was correct about the wind.  He also said that there would be more clouds than sun and he was right on that.  He said there would be a scattered thunderstorm in the afternoon.  Well we had several light sprinkles during the crossing and during the docking procedure it was raining.  After we were tied up and as I was getting the power corded hooked up we had a downpour.  The heavy rain lasted about 15 minutes.  After the rain was over the temps went up as well as the humidity making it really muggy.

We checked in with Canadian Customs and that went well.  They currently have a restriction on bringing beef, fruit or potatoes into Canada.  If you do, the waste has to go into an international waste receptacle at the marina or take it out of the country with you when you leave.  Lenore thought the beef was because of the Mad Cow disease and we have no idea why the fruit and potatoes.

We are here until Monday as long as Monday is a good weather day.  We will move up the T/S at 3 or 4 travel days per week with none being on the weekends.  We will let the weekend warriors have their fun without us in their way.