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Solomon Island MD. to Butler’s Marina, Annapolis, MD. — May 15, 2013

We started early today to try and avoid any wind on our beam as we exited the river back to the Chesapeake Bay.  The cruise today was North and the winds were predicted from the South so once on the Bay we were traveling with the waves and it was comfortable.

Not a lot of boats on the water except for the fishermen.  They were all over the area and everyone of the fishermen seemed to be trolling.  I had to keep tabs on them because they were moving and they appeared more interested in what they were doing then the fact that someone was motoring North in a relatively straight line.

As we made preparations to leave the sky looked a little dark to the North but it cleared as we were leaving and the sun was nice.  It did not last for long as the clouds moved back in and we did have a few light showers as we got closer to Annapolis.  Nothing serious in the rain and it was not a problem at the marina.

We did see a few freighters moving out toward the Atlantic as we moved North and closer to Annapolis there were three freighters that were anchored.  I am not sure where their port is unless it is Baltimore and they are waiting for their dock to open up to go in and unload/load their cargo.

We arrived at the marina around noon and there was nobody on the radio to talk to.  The Owner/Operator, Sully, had given me detailed instructions where the slip was that we were to occupy.  The only problem was that we did not fit between the piles and while I thought I could spread the piles I decided the rub rail did not need the abuse.  There was a guy working on the docks and he motioned for me to come over to another slip.  The marina only has 29 slips so there is not a lot of choice for a boat our size.  We spent some time getting into the slip because I had to drop the dinghy so we could get the boat all the way back.  The finger docks only extend out about 10′ on one side of the boat and the fingers are pretty narrow.

Well we finally made it into the slip and we found out that the boat that is normally in that slip is out of the water for some work and the guy I talked to thought the boat was going back in tomorrow or the next day.  Well that was wrong because Sully talked to the boat owner and we are ok until next Tuesday.  Donna and Jon are coming to visit and will be here Saturday and Sunday and go home on Monday.

We went to dinner at the Davis Pub across the street and for a Wednesday night they were doing a lot of business.  Lenore said they were featured on the Food Channel’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”.  The area around the marina is a residential community that is very old and very well maintained. There are a few commercial businesses mixed in but probably 90% to 95% residential.  Good restaurants within 4 blocks including a Ruths Chris Steakhouse.

Candy has enjoyed walking the neighborhood and it has given me a chance to see more of the area that I might have otherwise.  She even had a chance to run with a fellow boaters dog at a local school yard the first evening.

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  1. We’re leaving early tomorrow, so see you soon! I was just reading up on the local restaurants. If you’re in the mood for steak, Lewnes’ steakhouse is supposed to be great (with some dissenters), and it’s just 2 blocks up 4th street, on the corner of Severn. Not cheap, though.

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